Neoplasm Seeding

Neoplasm Seeding

Surgery and Biopsy induced Metastasis

Biopsies and surgery can promote metastasis in a number of ways, including neoplasm seeding.

Neoplasm Seeding
The unintentional release of cancer cells from a tumor by a biopsy needle or surgical instrument, which then spread to other parts of the body resulting in new tumor formation.

This Study says: Metastasis is a common cause of morbidity and mortality in cancer patients. Both experimental and clinical evidence lend support to the idea that surgery which is intended to be a curative option to remove and reduce tumor mass, can paradoxically also augment development of metastases.

This published review says: Dislodging neoplastically altered cells from a tumor during biopsy or surgical intervention or during simple procedure like needle aspiration is a possibility because they lack cohesiveness, and they attain the capacity to migrate and colonize…Many a times to obtain sufficient amount of sample during needle biopsy for diagnosis the tumor may need to be penetrated several times. This repeated puncturing and manipulation inside the tumor mass with needle may seed tumor cells into the needle track and also may spill the cancerous cells directly in to the circulation.

More evidence:
Study: We have shown indirect but compelling evidence that there is dormancy in breast cancer and that surgery to remove the primary tumor does occasionally break dormancy.

Study: Primary tumor removal, usually considered intrinsically beneficial, can perturb metastatic homeostasis, and for some patients results in the acceleration of metastatic cancer.

Study: The role of breast tumour removal is different from the role of surgery by itself. Our findings suggest that the major effect of reconstructive surgery is microscopic metastasis acceleration, while breast tumour surgical removal (either primary or IBTR or CBC) involves both tumour homeostasis interruption and microscopic metastasis growth acceleration.

Surgery causes metastasis by:  

Promoting Angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels)
Causing Inflammation
Damaging your Immune System

These can be addressed using the natural products listed below.
Also, the following strategies can help reduce metastasis:

Timing of Surgery
Less Invasive Surgery
Choice of Surgical Anaesthesia
Choice of post-surgery Analgesic drugs (pain killers)

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