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TREATMENTS: Standard, Integrative, Alternative and Complementary.


Please note

  • The information on this site does not constitute medical advice but is intended as a signpost to a range of options you can research further or ask your doctor about.
  • The site does not advocate the use of any one treatment above all others.
  • All drugs have side effects and the same is true for many natural remedies.
  • All information is provided in good faith for educational purposes only.
  • Info about medicines/treatments not licensed in Ireland are covered on this site because it is a resource for all people on a cancer journey – wherever they live.

Health care professionals make hundreds of decisions a day. A small fraction of them are based on evidence from rigorous clinical trials — that is, things we really know to be true. Unfortunately, most medical decisions are based on clinical opinion — an educated guess. Jeffrey M. Drazen Editor in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine from 2000 to 2019.

Here are details about all the treatment options open to you

Doctors operating on cancer patient
Conventional Treatments
The standard cancer treatment you receive in a general hospital, consisting mainly of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.
Complementary Treatments
These are used in addition to your main treatment(s) and can be used to augment your main cancer treatment and reduce treatment side-effects.
Three intertwined circles symbolizing Integrative treatments
Integrative Treatments
Consists of Conventional treatment with the addition of Complementary therapies to boost survival time, quality of life, reduce pain, etc.
Alternative Treatments
Treatments used in place of conventional treatment (e.g. Cannabis Oil or Gerson therapy instead of surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy).
side effects
Treatment side-effects
The cancer industry downplays the side effects of treatment. The truth is that side effects can result in severe organ damage and death.
Cancer clinics & hospitals
Information about a number of cancer treatment centers around the world where you can get specialised non-standard treatments.

Starting Chemotherapy? Find out about Chemosensitivity tests – these can identify the most effective drugs or natural products for treating your cancer.

Want to go a different route?

Jane McLelland was first diagnosed with cervical cancer and then  developed leukemia after chemotherapy treatment and was deemed Stage 4, Grade 4 in 1999. She beat her cancer by using a mixture of diet, exercise, supplements, herbs and off-label drugs.

Jane’s book:  How to Starve Cancer.

Jane’s facebook page is a great resource: Jane McLelland Off Label Drugs for Cancer

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