Alternative Treatments

Alternative Treatments

Newly developed, natural, or other treatments used around the world.

See also: Alternative treatments for specific cancer types

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)HIFU equipment

In clinics, HIFU has been applied to treat a variety of solid malignant tumors, including the pancreas, liver, prostate, breast, uterine fibroids, and soft-tissue sarcomas. Unlike conventional treatments such as open surgery, radiotherapy and chemo, HIFU is non-invasive and has fewer complications after treatment. Over 100,000 cases have been treated throughout the world with great success.
HIFU treatment is recognized by the orders of urology specialists in several countries and is available in many hospitals and clinics.

Cannabinoids weed

Marijuana plants have hundreds of chemicals, known as cannabinoids. The two main ones are THC and CBD. Cannabinoids may cause antitumor effects by various mechanisms, including induction of cell death, inhibition of cell growth, and inhibition of tumor angiogenesis invasion and metastasis. Marijuana /Cannabis is illegal in many countries, including Ireland. Medical Marijuana /Cannabis is available in some countries.

AntineoplastonsDr Burzynski

Antineoplastons were discovered by Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. in 1967 who first identified their anti-cancer properties. Antineoplastons are naturally occurring peptides demonstrating ability to re-program cancer cells without destroying normal cells. Due to their low-toxicity and anti-cancer activity antineoplastons represent a revolutionary avenue in cancer research.

Cancer IrelandHannah Bradley
Aggressive Brain Cancer Survivor since 2011

After standard treatment failed, she was successfully treated with
Antineoplaston Treatment by Dr. Burzynski.


Budwig Protocolbudwig diet

The Budwig protocol addresses: sunshine and vitamin D; gut health and its flora of “good” bacteria; acid-alkali balance; “superfoods” including green tea and improved levels of all nutrients; hormone balancing phyto-nutrients; ketogenic diet; exercise and sleep; the importance of the spiritual and emotional side of healing.

This treatment is available at The Budwig Center – an officially approved cancer clinic.

Gerson TherapyGerson Therapy

With its whole-body approach to healing, the Gerson Therapy naturally reactivates your body’s magnificent ability to heal itself – with no damaging side effects. This a powerful, natural treatment boosts the body’s own immune system to heal cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases.

This treatment is available at licensed Gerson clinics in Hungary and Mexico. There are also Certified Gerson Practitioners in the USA.

Oncolytic VirotherapyRigvir

RIGVIR® is the world’s first approved oncolytic virotherapy medicine for the treatment of melanoma, local therapy of skin and subcutaneous metastases of melanoma, prevention of relapse and metastases after surgery. In clinical practice RIGVIR® is used for the treatment of melanoma, cancers of stomach, colorectum, pancreas, kidney, uterus, bladder, lung, prostate and several types of sarcoma. This treatment is available through the International Virotherapy Center

Gonzalez ProtocolDr Nick Gonzalez

A successful alternative therapy that is being studied as a treatment for pancreatic cancer. It includes a special diet, nutritional supplements, pancreatic enzymes, and coffee enemas.Results from a pilot study published in 1999 described the most positive data in the medical literature for pancreatic cancer.

His clinic and work continues under the leadership of Dr Linda Isaacs.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) uses a combination of two orthodox drugs – insulin (actually insulin is also found in nature) and a chemotherapy drug. With IPT the insulin works on the cell membranes and allows chemotherapy to target cancer cells. Thus, it is the chemotherapy that kills the cancer cells, however, because of the insulin, the amount of chemotherapy needed is greatly reduced, meaning the side-effects of the chemotherapy are greatly reduced. This treatment is available in a number of cancer clinics worldwide.


Laetrile is the patented drug made from the natural compound amygdalin, found in the seeds of many fruits, such as apricot, plum and peach pits, apple seeds, and quince, as well as in almonds. Laetrile is also known as Amigdalin B-17 or vitamin B17, although there is very little evidence it warrants classification as a vitamin.

This treatment is available at Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover, Germany; Oasis of Hope Hospital, Mexico and a number of other cancer clinics.

Mistletoe (Iscador)Iscador

Mistletoe extract has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory and to affect the immune system.
Suzanne Somers Alternative Therapy One study concluded Iscador treatment can achieve a clinically relevant prolongation of survival time of cancer patients and appears to stimulate self-regulation. This treatment is available in a number of clinics in the Uk and throughout Europe and Mexico.

Suzanne Somers
Breast Cancer survivor since 2001
Underwent Lumpectomy and Radiation but opted to forego Chemotherapy in favour of Iscador.

Vitamin C therapy (ascorbic acid)orange

First shown to be a powerful anti-cancer agent in 1971, it wasn’t until 20 years later that vitamin C started to be accepted by the mainstream medical profession. Eating a vitamin C-rich diet substantially reduces the risk of cancer, and high intakes – above 5000mg a day (the equivalent of 100 oranges) – substantially increases the life expectancy of cancer patients.

Also called ascorbic acid.


Hyperthermia is the use of heat as a treatment for cancer. It may be used as an all-over-body treatment, or as a localised treatment where it may also be called Ablation, or Ablatherm.

This study says: Our investigation has shown that hyperthermia can be useful in cancer therapy, particularly in the management of patients with recurrent tumors in areas subjected to previous irradiation.

RadioFrequency Ablation (RFA)

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) uses heat to destroy cancer cells. It is a type of treatment called thermal ablation. It is used to try to cure a cancer, reduce its size or relieve pain. It can be given alone, or with surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  

RFA is mainly used to treat liver, lung or kidney cancer. It may sometimes be used to treat other cancer types.

Depending on your situation, you will have the treatment under local or general anaesthetic. The doctor uses an ultrasound or CT scan to guide the procedure.

A probe called an electrode applies an electrical current (radiofrequency) to a tumour. The current heats the cancer cells to a high temperature, which destroys (ablates) them.

Sonodynamic and Photodynamic Therapy Combined

A combination of sonodynamic therapy (SDT) and photodynamic therapy (PDT), named sono-photodynamic therapy (S-PDT), is a new composite cancer therapy. Because the therapy can significantly improve the tumor curing effect, it has good application prospects in cancer prevention and treatment.

Sonodynamic therapy (SDT) has emerged as a promising option for the minimally invasive treatment of solid cancerous tumours. SDT requires the combination of three distinct components: a sensitising drug, ultrasound, and molecular oxygen.

This study states: Sonodynamic therapy (SDT) represents an emerging approach that offers the possibility of non-invasively eradicating solid tumors in a site-directed manner. It involves the sensitization of target tissues with a non-toxic sensitizing chemical agent and subsequent exposure of the sensitized tissues to relatively low-intensity ultrasound. Essentially, both aspects (the sensitization and ultrasound exposure) are harmless, and cytotoxic events occur when both are combined.

Ann Wigmore – Living Foods Lifestyle

Ann Wigmore believed that there are two main causes of disease: deficiency and toxemia. Deficiency means that our bodies are undernourished because we cannot get the nutrients we need from undigestable cooked food. Toxemia is a term used to describe poisons that are stored in the body.

Dr. Matthias Rath Cellular Solution

We have developed a specific synergistic combination of nutrients that can inhibit invasion of cancer cells in the tissue and control other key mechanisms of cancer at the same time. This synergy utilizes vitamin C, the amino acids lysine, proline, arginine, N acetylcysteine, green tea extract as well as copper, manganese and selenium.

Hoxsey Treatment

Hoxsey’s plant-based remedies contain naturally occurring compounds with potent anticancer effects. One formula is a paste which is applied directly onto skin cancer tumors, while the other is a tonic for internal use.

An investigative journalist sent to write an article rubbishing his work, became a convert and, instead, wrote an article entitled, ´Hoxsey – the quack who cured cancer´.

 Jane McLelland Off Label Drugs for Cancer

Jane McLelland was first diagnosed with cervical cancer and then  developed leukemia after chemotherapy treatment and was deemed Stage 4, Grade 4 in 1999. She beat her cancer by using a mixture of diet, exercise, supplements, herbs and off-label drugs.

Jane’s book:  How to Starve Cancer.

Jane’s facebook page is a great resource:

See also:
Alternative treatments for specific cancer types

International clinics and treatment centres offering ALTERNATIVE cancer treatments.

This list is by no means complete and other treatment centres and clinicswill be added as time goes by. The absence of any particular clinic or treatment centre from the list simply means I have not had time to review the patient testimonials to date. I have no financial involvement whatsoever with any of the Treatment Centres featured on this site. I simply provide information, so you can make better, informed decisions.

Forsythe Cancer Care Center

Dr. Forsythe offers an all inclusive program to treat adult cancers of all types.  He has developed an outstanding protocol, “The Forsythe Immune Protocol” (FIP) cancer treatment plan. This treatment plan in a current prospective study of over six and ½ years in1200 adult cancer patients has produced a remarkable 30x fold greater survival statistic which when compared to conventional full-dose chemotherapy, for 5 years in adult cancers of all varieties,  produced, in published literature, a dismal 2.1% survival rate.

The Gonzalez Protocol
Available from Dr Linda Isaacs

Prior to his unexpected death on July 21, 2015, Dr. Gonzalez meticulously documented the scientific theory of his work and proved its effectiveness. He published several books and recorded hundreds of hours of interviews and lectures. He wrote more than 120 in-depth patient cancer case studies — the result of a lifetime of research and groundbreaking patient care — case studies that would publicly legitimize a whole new approach to nothing less than curing cancer. All kinds of cancer.
Learn more about The Gonzalez Protocol

International Virotherapy Center

Oncolytic virotherapy is a cancer treatment using a virus that finds and destroys malignant cells in the human body. Virotherapy is a safe and effective cancer treatment. It improves time to progression, survival and quality of life for cancer patients. Currently the cancer virotherapy sector is represented by only one approved genetically not modified medicine – RIGVIR®.

Veritas Life Clinics

Patient Care
Verita Life clinics are among the few worldwide that offer a multidisciplinary range of integrative therapies. We give patients better, safer options to overcome cancer, minimise side effects, regain their health, and stay cancer-free.
Everyone is unique, and they should be treated according to their specific needs.

Hippocrates Health Institute

The Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program
Addressing Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

A one week signature program integrated into the Life Transformation Program and offered monthly throughout the year.

The CCWP builds upon the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute’s model that has been successfully helping people for over 60 years to activate their own healing potential for getting well. 

This Program teaches people how to incorporate a holistic approach into their overall cancer treatment plan & develop personalized strategies for achieving desirable results in getting well & staying well.

Cancer treatment Centers of America

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), we believe that every cancer is as unique as the person fighting it. In this era of precision medicine, with treatment advances evolving on a regular basis, fighting cancer requires truly personalized care, delivered by experts trained in the complexities of a difficult disease.

The Burzynski Clinic

Established in 1977, the Burzynski Clinic has grown to be a nationally and internationally recognized cancer center that provides advanced and cutting-edge cancer treatments.

The Gerson Institute

The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization located in San Diego, California, dedicated to providing education and training in the Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. Northern Baja Gerson Center
The Advanced Gerson Therapy, at Northern Baja Gerson Center, is a comprehensive, holistic, all-natural approach utilizing a myriad of scientifically proven immunological nutritional and detoxification therapies to successfully reverse a vast majority of degenerative diseases including terminal cancer.

The Budwig Center Cancer Clinic

The Budwig Center Cancer Clinic offers the authentic discoveries and original program of Dr. Johanna Budwig. Dr. Budwig is renowned as one of Germany’s top biochemists and one of Europe’s best researchers. She was born in 1908 and lived to be 95. Seven times she was nominated for the Nobel Prize.

The Hyperthermia Centre Hannover

The Hyperthermia Centre Hannover in Germany, is lead by Dr. med. Peter Wolf. The alternative cancer clinic of Dr. med. Peter Wolf provides state of the art regulation therapies, regeneration therapies and biological cancer therapies, also referred to as holistic cancer therapies or alternative cancer therapies, to patients from all over the world.

Using the latest hyperthermia technology, EHY-3010 in local hyperthermia, and Iratherm in whole-body-hyperthermia, our out-patient clinic combines regulation therapies, regeneration therapies and biological cancer therapies in one place. Our regulation therapies make extensive use of bioresonance testing and bioresonance therapy. Regeneration therapies at the Hyperthermia Center Hannover combine detoxification programs, immune stimulation programs and the Gerson therapy with active biological cancer therapies using local hyperthermia, whole body thperthermia, low-dose chemotherpy through an insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), electro-cancer-therapy (also called Galvano-therapy) or photodynamic laser therapies (PTD) for various diseases and stages.

The Hyperthermia Centre Hannover is among Germanys leading alternative cancer clinics with +30 years of experience.

Immunity Therapy Center

You Have Options. You Have Hope.
There are other choices beyond conventional cancer treatments. When chemotherapy, radiation, and traditional medicine do not work, our patients often see success with our holistic, homeopathic treatments – with fewer painful or uncomfortable side effects. Whether you’ve just received your diagnosis, you’ve progressed to stage 4 cancer, or your cancer has returned after you’ve been in remission, we are confident our natural, alternative treatments can help.

Your Cancer is Unique. Your Treatment Should be, Too.

Our programs are designed to give each individual patient the best experience, with a treatment program that is 100% customized and personalized. You are not a chart or a diagnosis—you are an individual who deserves the absolute best care. During your cancer treatment, we take time every day to speak with you, answer your questions, and make sure you understand and are happy with your current treatment program.

ITC is Here for You.

If you are suffering from cancer or an autoimmune, degenerative, or infectious disease, we’re glad you found Immunity Therapy Center. Learn more about our doctor and our team, the diseases we treat, and the effective, natural treatments we use.

Arcadia Praxis Klinik

At the Arcadia Clinic, we aim to treat cancer and other chronic diseases expertly, creatively and in a patient-orientated manner.To help us do this, we endeavour to work with our patients to create tailored therapy concepts that are customised for their personal situation. The focus of our holistic therapies lies on health, and how this can best be aimed for or achieved.


Welcome to Hope4Cancer Institute, a 24 x 7, full service in-patient treatment center for cancer patients located in Baja California, Mexico. Hope4Cancer has treatment options for patients with all types of cancers, from early to advanced stages of the disease. We combine the latest non-toxic, evidence-based medicine that selectively targets cancer cells, with a sophisticated WHOLE BODY CANCER TREATMENT PROGRAM. As a result, we can comprehensively treat not just the cancer itself, but also the often ignored, underlying conditions that stimulate the growth, and later, the resurgence of cancer.Hope4Cancer Institute features more treatment options under one roof than any other cancer clinic. Our convenient location in Mexico gives us the option to leverage highly effective treatments that are not available in many countries like the U.S.A. or Canada. As a result, we can avoid toxic treatments such as chemo- and radiotherapy that leave a trail of destruction in the body. Our philosophy is to treat the cancer effectively from all angles, while at the same time doing no harm to a body that is already dealing with the stress of the disease.We are committed to providing the best patient experience through our exceptional clinic care and long term support.

International Bio Care Hospital & Wellness Center

For over four decades International Bio Care Hospital & Wellness Center has put into practice an integrative, holistic approach in restoring health and promoting healthy aging. Our integrative model of treatment combines proven conventional and alternative modalities, and the latest treatments from international biomedical research and clinical practice.

3E Centre

At the 3E Centre you will learn about the right cancer treatment available to you and how to take pro-active steps to put your life into your own hands.
We offer our guests our extensive knowledge of the worlds leading alternative cancer therapies. We explain which interventions and activities, based on your medical history, will be possible and appropriate for you. Together we begin your journey of healing, and the earlier you sett off on this journey, the better!

As a privately owned company, we can offer you our expertise independently and unbiased. This independence makes it possible to show you everything that is on offer and gives you access to ALL information available.

About 3E
Far too many cancer patients must unfortunately still die because they don’t know enough about cancer. It is still assumed that a tumour is evil and despicable and must be operated on or destroyed with poisons and radiation as soon as possible. Only then are you healthy. Consequently in the long and short term when metastases appear, then it is said that the tumour has unfortunately already “spread”, even though the current best and most scientifically proven methods have already been applied: chemotherapy, radiation, antibodies and hormone blockers.

But how do cancer patients actually find out which successful cancer therapies there are in other countries? Is it really true that there are only 5 cancer therapies? Why are therapies being used at thousands of universities in other countries, which most of the professors at so many universities haven’t even heard of? Is the assumption that cancer patients have something evil in their system really still current?

Hufeland Klinik Bad Mergentheim

Treatment focusing not on the tumor but on the individual
Our clinic specialises in internal medicine and is mainly targeted at biological treatment of chronically ill patients and patients with cancer to strengthen their bodies‘ own immune systems

Our Immunotherapy is based on a holistic approach to medical treatment with the following objectives:

  • Activation of the immune system
  • Regeneration
  • Detoxification

We seek the perfect balance between conventional medicine and alternative medical procedures proven successful by our experience. This opens up a rich variety of treatment options that we do not simply use randomly. Optimal treatment is determined on a patient-to-patient basis and in keeping with our overall agenda. The following site provides extensive information about the innovative treatment strategies we use to centre the focus of treatment where it belongs: on the “self-healing powers” each of us has.

Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle

(website in Deutsch & English )The Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle has carried out cancer therapy for many years. Our ultramodern therapy combines many different methods of cancer treatment. Doctors who are highly qualified in both conventional medicine and holistic treatments use state-of-the-art testing methods to find the root cause of the cancer and then combine natural healing processes with conventional medicine. The side-effects of conventional medicine treatment using chemotherapy and radiation can be considerably reduced with the aid of natural remedies.

For this reason, every cancer patient should be treated according to the principles of biological medicine.The cause of the cancer can often be traced back to traumatic psychological experiences, or else problematic behavioural patterns in the patient’s self-relationship or the relationship with those closest to him or her. Not until the root cause has been detected and eliminated can the healing process commence.

Cancer is a disease of the immune system

The immune system is based on Dr. Rau’s Paracelsus cancer program consistently:

  • Paracelsus nutrition program, tailored to the patient’s needs
  • mistletoe therapy
  • whole-body hyperthermia and local hyperthermia
  • immunobiological preparations
  • SANUM therapy as per Prof. Enderlein
  • oxygen/ozone therapy

Also provides Biological Dentistry

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