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Blood Oxygen Saturation level

Why you need to ensure your Blood Oxygen Saturation level is 98% or above

Why? Oxygen-Starved Tumor Cells Have Survival Advantage That Promotes Cancer Spread – study

You can measure your blood oxygen saturation levels using a pulse oximeter which you can buy from a pharmacy.


Hyperbaric Oxygen(HBO) This study says: recent and older research studies have shown that HBO can be inhibitory and reduce cancer growth in some cancer types, like breast cancer. On the other hand, cervical and bladder cancers appear to be non-responders to HBO.

Tai Chi
This study found that slow moving breath focused exercises such as Tai Chi have a unique physiological effect -resulting in a statistically significant increase in blood oxygen saturation during the activity.

The Cleveland Clinic recommends
Opening your windows or going outside for a walk to increase the amount of oxygen that your body brings in, which increases your overall blood oxygen level.
Quitting smoking: Only two to three weeks after you quit smoking, your circulation will likely improve significantly. After one to nine months, your shortness of breath decreases. Both of these aspects contribute to your body’s ability to take in more oxygen.
Practicing breathing exercises: Simple breathing exercises like pursed-lip breathing and deep belly breathing can open your airways and increase the amount of oxygen in your blood.

Green Juicing
Chlorophyll can increase oxygen levels in your body according to the Cleveland Clinic. Sources include green leafy vegetables, wheatgrass, algae like Sea Kelp, and herbs like arugula. Can be sweetened with beetroot or carrot but not fruit of any kind. Fresh ginger will give it a good boost.

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