Cancer Society discredits alternative treatments.

Irish Cancer Society promotes conventional treatments, while discrediting alternative treatments.

“Those suffering from a chronic or terminal disease have the right to be fully informed of all their treatment options…even the unprofitable ones”
Cris Kerr, ‘Case Health – Health Success Stories’

Cancer treatment is very complex and many different types of treatment are used around the world. However, the Irish Cancer Society provides information about only one type of treatment – the standard “one-size-fits-all” treatment used by mainstream oncologists in hospitals throughout Ireland.

It doesn’t provide any information from progressive cancer doctors who successfully use non-standard treatments. Instead, it gets all its information from just one source – the mainstream oncology community.

In a written response to a number of questions from me, the Society stated:
“…we are guided by medical specialists when providing cancer information.”

This sounds perfectly reasonable until you realise that these “medical specialists” are all mainstream oncologists who advocate for Conventional Treatment only. This is the standard treatment that is “offered” to you in your local hospital. It consists mainly of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. However, Conventional Treatment is only one of a number of treatment approaches available to cancer patients. In other words, it’s not the only show in town.

The Society also stated:

“the Society advocates for conventional medicine based on the rigorous scientific testing used in international clinical trials. These trials require strict regulation, in order for a new treatment to be deemed safe and useful for cancer patients.”

This is totally untrue and misleading.
It gives the impression that conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation have undergone clinical trials and were deemed safe and useful for cancer patients. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We all know that chemotherapy and radiation treatment are certainly not safe. On the contrary, both are proven carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) and are extremely toxic to the human body, leading to horrendous side-effects and death for many patients. It is an absolute nonsense and highly irresponsible to suggest otherwise.

This raises very serious questions about the integrity and credibility of the Irish Cancer Society, as well as the “medical specialists” and “international bodies” who guide it.

Irish Cancer Society website:
Conventional treatments are the ones that doctors normally use to treat people with cancer. These treatments include: •Surgery •Radiotherapy •Chemotherapy •Hormone therapy •Biological therapy. In Ireland, conventional cancer treatments are based on scientific research. Many of the treatments have been tested in clinical trials. This allows doctors to predict the response to treatment, side-effects and the general effect of treatment. Conventional treatments are tried and trusted methods, with a long history of use.

Firstly, statements such as “treatments based on scientific research”, “tested in clinical trials” and “tried and trusted methods” are meaningless as they tell us nothing about whether they prolong the lives of cancer patients. Numerous studies show they don’t actually prolong life in most cases.

Secondly, if this information “allows doctors to predict the response to treatment, side-effects and the general effect of treatment”, why do they put patients through so much suffering when they know the dangers and limitations of these toxic treatments?

A number of alternative therapies have, in fact, been scientifically proven (as I will show), but because there are no clinical trials to support many of them, they’re rejected. However, rejection of a treatment because of a “lack of scientific evidence” is not a valid argument. The reason is that no entity is going to pay up to $1Bn to conduct clinical trials on a treatment that is not patentable – and therefore not profitable– even if it cured cancer.

And exactly what is an alternative therapy?
The Cyberknife, Nanoknife IRE, immunotherapy, virotherapy, HIFU, Photodynamic Therapy, Dendritic Cell Therapy and whole-body hyperthermia are all technically ‘alternative cancer therapies’ with no rigorous Phase III clinical trials, but all are used in, and even recommended by, some US hospitals. Brachytherapy are now widely used for breast cancer and the USA with no such trials behind them.

It should also be remembered that those who dismiss alternative treatments because of a lack of clinical trial validity, are themselves using drugs that were never tested for efficacy in treating cancer.

Irish Cancer Society website:
Alternative therapies are not scientifically proven. Some alternative therapies may even harm your health.

This statement is ironic – coming from an organisation that promotes toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Let’s not forget that cancer is a multi-billion euro industry dominated by pharmaceutical companies whose goal is not to cure diseases like cancer, but to generate profit. Worldwide sales of cancer drugs alone reached $100,000,000,000 in 2015. Hardly surprising then that chemotherapy is so widely advocated and used.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry sponsors many national and international cancer events and therefore exerts influence over cancer charities. For example, The Irish Cancer Society National Conference for Cancer Survivorship 2017 was supported by Pfizer, Abbvie, Takeda and Janssen – all pharmaceutical companies.

Qualified practitioners in Alternative Medicine and Integrative Oncology should be invited onto advisory committees within the Irish Cancer Society. This would help ensure a healthy balance instead of the current bias in favour of conventional treatments.

“the Irish Cancer Society…the leading provider of all information relating to cancer treatment…” Irish Cancer Society

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