Chemosensitivity Testing critical

Irish Cancer Society doesn’t inform us about Chemosensitivity Testing (Personalized Cytometric Profiling).


What the Irish Cancer Society tells us:

There’s no information about Chemosensitivity Testing on the Irish Cancer Society website.

What the Society doesn’t tell us:

Chemosensitivity Tests
Patients undergoing chemotherapy should be told about Chemosensitivity Tests. These tests reveal which anti-cancer drugs or natural substances are potentially effective at killing each patient’s cancer cells and which agents are not effective.

The most promising drug or natural substance regimen can be selected for each cancer patient, increasing the odds for treatment success. At the same time, ineffective drugs are avoided. This spares the patient needless exposure to harmful side effects from drugs that can’t possibly help them. Further, valuable treatment time is not wasted and the patient does not incur unnecessary costs from expensive but ineffective treatments.

This study reached the following conclusions:
Despite various limitations of individual studies, the aggregate and fairly consistent evidence of these data suggests cytometric profiling to be accurate, to improve overall tumor response, and to increase 1-year patient survival.

(Here is a list of laboratories that carry out these tests.)

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