Complementary cancer therapies

Complementary cancer therapies

Complementary cancer therapies

Added to Primary Treatment(s) to reduce treatment side-effects & pain and prolong survival. This Scientific Review  says Complementary therapies have shown a number of beneficial effects in cancer patients.

Complementary-cancer-therapies table of benefits

Clock face - Complementary cancer therapiesProlong survival time

Complementary cancer therapies - Meditating buddha statueReduce Cachexia Risk

Boost your Immunity

Complementary cancer therapies - woman having neck massaged - cancer therapyPain Reduction

Cancer stressed womanStress Reduction

Complementary cancer therapies - Girl in meadow Overall Wellbeing

Note: You should discuss Complementary therapies with your medical team before incorporating them into your daily routine. A good resource for articles on Complementary therapies is

1. Some cancer therapies can conflict with others. Do not start ANY therapy without consulting your doctor to ensure it’s safe and beneficial to do so.
2. Just because any given therapy worked for someone else does not necessarily mean it will work for you.
3. Although there are many viable cancer treatments, there isn’t a “best” treatment for a certain type or stage of cancer.

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