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Anvirzel (Oleander Extract)


Many studies demonstrate the anti-proliferative activity of Oleandrin. These properties make it attractive for use as a treatment for cancer; however, a major problem is that Oleandrin is toxic to normal cells and tissues. Anvirzel™ is an extract of Nerium oleander comprised primarily of Oleandrin and Oleandrigenin. Recent studies demonstrate that Anvirzel™ decreases viability in prostate cancer cell lines as well as a wide range of other human cancer cell lines. Source

History of Anivirzel

Source: Cancer Compass~An Alternate Route
In 1966, a Turkish doctor named H. Zima Ozel discovered a group of rural Turkish villagers who were living amazingly healthy and disease-free lives compared to other similar cultures in the area. When he investigated further, he found that the villagers were taking a natural folk-remedy that had been used in the Middle East for over 2000 years made from a plant that is referred to in the Bible as “the Desert Rose”, or more commonly known as Oleander.

Dr Ozel created his own variation that was based on the original formula provided by the villagers, and has sold it under the name of Anvirzel for the past 40 years. Anivirzel can be used to treat cancer, hepatitis-C, HIV-AIDS, psoriasis, and other degenerative diseases, with the best result said to be for prostate, lung and brains cancers and stabilization being achieved with sarcomas…continue reading this article at Cancer Compass~An Alternate Route


This 2014 study  says:
The present study reports cases of advanced cancer patient taking an extract of Nerium oleander now in Phase 1 clinical trials in cancer patients…We present case reports of 9 metastatic cancer patients who received the extract on personal use exemptions. Five of the patients also received full integrative programs at an integrative medicine center. Cases included 4 colon cancer patients, 3 pancreatic cancer patients (1 neuroendocrine and 2 adenocarcinoma), 1 renal cell carcinoma and 1 lung cancer patient…We analyzed the case records for potential effects of the extract on tumor regression/stability in the absence of chemotherapy, survival time, use concurrent with chemotherapy and toxicity. The renal cell patient experienced tumor regression for 12 months with the extract alone; the 3 pancreatic cancer patients and a colon cancer patient experienced disease stabilization. Survival times were extended for all patients with survival times ranging from 32 months to 11 years for these patients with metastatic disease.

This study says:
In conclusion, this work reports that an extract from the leaves of the cardiac glycoside-containing plant Nerium oleander exerts selective cytotoxic activity towards lung cancer cells and induces a marked inhibition of glycolysis that may play a role in this activity.

This study says:
This study has shown that, in vitro, both Anvirzel and its derivative compound Oleandrin are highly cytotoxic to human prostate cancer cells… Anvirzel and Oleandrin both have the potential to be used in chemotherapy for a variety of human cancer types.

Cancer stem cells

Study: PBI-05204 is a specifically formulated botanical drug consisting of a modified supercritical C02 extract of Nerium oleander that has undergone both phase I and phase II clinical trials in the United States for treatment of patients with a variety of advanced cancers..In this report, we show the amount and size of newly formed neurospheres and the level of neural stem cell markers, such as SOX2, CXCR4, and CD44, are decreased in the presence of PBI-05204 thereby reducing self-renewal and stemness of GSCs [glioma stem cells].

Side effects

In an earlier study, Anvirzel appeared safe in humans when injected intramuscularly, although adverse effects such as injection site pain, fatigue, and other GI symptoms were reported.
Source: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Dr Ozel reports the following side effects:

Following administration of Nerium Oleander for Injection

  • In about 70% of patients NOI caused an easily controllable rise in body temperature. The fever caused by NOI starts normally in two-four hours following the injection, continues for two-four hours, and drops to normal range. If needed, an Aspirin or another analgesic may be used to drop the fever. This fever in cancer patients after NOI injections, does not occur anymore when all malignant cells disappear.
  • Effect on the urinary system: An increase in micturition was observed.
  • Allergic reactions: Seldom, itching and exfoliation of the epidermis were observed.
  • Some patients experienced pain in tumors for a short time following NOI injections.
  • Pain in breast glands, similar to that occurring during adolescence, has been noted in most cases. An increase in libido and sexual potency accompanied this symptom.
  • During regular treatment period, the leukocyte count was observed to rise above normal values, sometimes up to 12,000 – 18,000 range.
  • When some patients with anemic symptoms developed tachycardia, cardiotonic drugs were given as an adjuvant.

Following administration of Nerium Oleander for Oral use

  • Gastrointestinal system: Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea have been observed, seldom, in some cases when the patient was given NOO for the first time. Those troubles disappeared when a symptomatic therapy was applied as an adjuvant for a few days

Where can I get this treatment and more information?

Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc.
Block Center Integrative Cancer Treatment

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