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Haelan 951

Haelan 951 and cancer

A fermented soybean-derived phytochemical beverage with potential antineoplastic activity. Fermented soybean protein beverage is reported to exhibit immunostimulatory, anti-viral, pro-apoptotic, anti-angiogenic, anti-proliferative, and anti-inflammatory activities and to enhance the cytotoxic effects of natural killer (NK) cells.

Case study

Study: Case: This report describes the case of a woman with rapidly progressive, platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. Upon initiating self-directed treatment with Haelan951, a commercially available fermented soy beverage, she entered into a phase of prolonged disease stabilization including improvement in the serum tumor marker CA-125.

Conclusion: Fermented soy products are known to contain high concentrations of the isoflavone, genistein, and other compounds that exhibit anticancer activity in preclinical models. This case report supports the prospective evaluation of alternative therapies such as these in patients with platinum-refractory ovarian cancer.

Fermented soybean protein beverage

Source: The website of the National Cancer Institute (

A fermented soybean-derived phytochemical beverage with potential antineoplastic activity. Fermented soybean protein beverage is reported to exhibit immunostimulatory, anti-viral, pro-apoptotic, anti-angiogenic, anti-proliferative, and anti-inflammatory activities and to enhance the cytotoxic effects of natural killer (NK) cells.

The fermentation process is reported to hydrolyze many soybean proteins into amino acids and nitrogen-rich compounds and to protect and enhance the activities of isoflavones such as genistein, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols, inositol hexaphosphate, and other beneficial dietary nutrients and micronutrients found in soybeans.
US brand name: Haelan 951

Clinical Summary

Source: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Haelan is a nutritional supplement derived by fermentation of soybeans. It is thought to have immunostimulatory effects and is being promoted to treat cancer, inflammation, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Supporters claim that fermentation increases the bioavailability of isoflavones thereby potentiating their effects (1).
Several studies have shown that the isoflavones, genistein and daidzein, have antioxidant activity (2). They also exhibit antitumor effects in breast cancer, prostate cancer, sarcoma, and retinoblastoma cell lines (3) (4). However, some studies suggest that genistein has an antagonistic effect on tamoxifen and may actually promote the growth of tumor cells (5) (6).

No data are available on Haelan’s antitumor effects in humans.
Adverse effects have not been reported with use of Haelan.

Haelan 951

Source: Alternative Cancer Research

Haelan was founded in 1989 by Lesley Todesco, who had seen the benefits that a fermented soy product had had upon a close friend.

Lesley and her husband Joe now sell Haelan from their base in the US to customers across the world.

According to Walter H Wainright, President of the Haelan Research Foundation, Haelan works as both a preventative measure, as well as a cancer treatment as a result of the following actions:

Anti-angiogenesis: Anti-angiogenesis is the process of stopping the formation of new blood cells. Cancer cells need a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients from the blood to survive. When the cancer cells are deprived of blood, they secrete Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) which causes new blood vessels to grow and supply the cancerous cells. Haelan reduces the cytokines that dissolve capillary walls, providing the bloos to the cancer cells until they can build their own supply using VEGF. Once this intitial blood supply has been cut off the tumors then begin to shrink and die.

Restoring cell differentiation: Carcinogens damage the body’s DNA, which is then normally repaired by the body’s chromosomes within a 15 minute period. If the damage is not repaired within 2 hours, then it is believed to be irreversible. Cancer inhibits the proteins that are used to create DNA in around 55% of patients. Haelan 951 beverages increase the levels of several DNA repairing proteins (P21, BRCA1 and BRCA2) in order to help the body repair damaged DNA.

Induces apoptosis: The body’s cells are all programmed to die according to an individual biological clock; this is a process known as apoptosis. Before they die they create an identical copy of themselves to replace them. Cancer cells do not die this way, they just continue to multiply, creating copies of themselves with the same flawed DNA. Haelan repairs cell damage and in doing so restores the process of apoptosis. This causes cells that are passed their biological life to die, including some of the cancerous cells.

Increased cyto-toxic effect of NK Killer Cells: NK Killer cells squirt a weak acid to kill cancer cells. Healthy cells increase their zinc, copper and manganese enzymes to protect themselves from damage, whereas cancer cells do not making them vulnerable to the NK Killer cells attack. Haelan increases the cyto-toxic effect of the NK Killer cells allowing each NK Killer cell to kill more cancer cells at once.

Increased non-specific immunity (700%): Haelan increases the number of white blood cells in the body, as well as making them more effective.

Slows down the growth of cancers: All cancer cells have a growth rate (mitosis) that affects the window in which a patient can be treated for cancer. Haelan delays the onset of cancer as it has compounds in it that slow down the cancer’s mitosis.

Produces beneficial metabolite: Haelan’s fermentation formulation process produces beneficial metabolites, such as MTD-13, which is an anti-cancer compound. Studies have also shown that Haelan 951 decreases estrogen receptor alpha sites and increases estrogen receptor beta sites, which help kill cancer cells.

Increased production of Interferon and Interleukins and improved organ functioning: In a clinical study of 303 healthy people, tested over 4 months, it was found that Haelan increased interferon and interleukins production, as well as increasing the oxygen content of the blood. This was in addition to improved brain, heart, lung and other organs functional capabilities.

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1. Some cancer therapies can conflict with others. Do not start ANY therapy without consulting your doctor to ensure it’s safe and beneficial to do so.
2. Just because any given therapy worked for someone else does not necessarily mean it will work for you.
3. Although there are many viable alternative cancer treatments, there isn’t a “best” treatment for a certain type or stage of cancer

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