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Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Our thoughts and emotions have the power to influence our health just as much as our biological makeup. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the focus needs to be not only on their physical state, but on their emotional and spiritual state also. Perhaps even more so. As more and more studies show the link between stress and the immune system, for example, and the role of emotional trauma in the development of cancer, it becomes clear that emotional and spiritual healing in cancer is critical for recovery.

Increase Positive Emotions

Studies show a strong link between having a positive outlook and health benefits in people suffering from cancer…see Increase Positive Emotions

Release Suppressed Emotions

Emotion suppression involves intentionally avoiding distressing feelings by thinking of other things. These need to be released…see Release Suppressed Emotions

Deepen Spiritual Connection

Cancer patients report their spirituality is a source of strength and helps them find hope in their cancer experience…see Deepen Spiritual Connections

“If you create the conditions for health through your diet,
emotionally, physically, spiritually, then disease goes away.”

Alberto Villoldo Ph.D, Psychologist, Anthropologist and Author

Page updated 2023

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