Mammography vs Thermography

The Irish cancer Society doesn’t inform us about the dangers of Mammography and the benefits of Thermography in cancer detection.


Irish Cancer Society website:
Breast cancer screening Breast screening involves a mammogram x-ray of the breasts, which can detect early signs of cancer before it can be seen or felt. Screening has been proven to reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer, as the disease is very treatable if detected early.


What the Society doesn’t tell us:

However…In 2013, the Swiss Medical Board recommended that Mammography Screening be abolished in Switzerland ( The New England Journal of Medicine ) because of the emerging evidence that the harms of mammography outweigh the benefits.

Furthermore, a Cochrane review of 10 trials involving more than 600,000 women showed no evidence that mammography screening reduced overall mortality (deaths).

Mammograms can result in over diagnosis and unnecessary treatment according to this study. Mammograms are painful according to this study and have the potential to cause cancer (National Cancer Institute)

In this study 89,835 women, aged 40-59, were randomly assigned to mammography (five annual mammography screens) or control (no mammography).Conclusion: Annual mammography in women aged 40-59 does not reduce mortality from breast cancer…

There is a safer, more effective method of screening and early diagnosis of breast cancer. It’s called Breast Thermography.

This 2014 study involved 2,036 women with breast disease. All underwent mammography, ultrasonography, and far-infrared thermography imaging to see which method was best.
Conclusion: Far-infrared thermography is more accurate for breast cancer screening than ultrasonography and mammography for lesions <2 cm. It has comparable diagnostic accuracy to ultrasound and better diagnostic accuracy than mammography for lesions >2 cm in diameter.

Despite all this evidence, the Irish Cancer Society still actively promotes mammography. It doesn’t even mention Thermography on its website.

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