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More Ways to Heal

10 ways to heal your whole body (in addition to targeting the cancer itself)

❶ Radically change your Diet
Science shows that poor diet causes lethal cancer stem cells to regrow but a good diet can stop that regrowth.…see Radically change your Diet

❷ Reduce Cachexia Risk
Cachexia affects 50% – 80% of advanced cancer patients, with no effective treatments to date. Here are things that may help…see Reduce Cachexia Risk

❸ Identify the cause
Research shows that removing the cause of your cancer can aid recovery. It may also prevent a recurrence later…see Identify the Cause

❹ Remove your cancer’s fuel
One of the first steps in reversing cancer is removing the things that promote its growth and spread, such as a bad diet…see Remove your cancer’s fuel

❺ Boost your Immunity
When your immune system is healthy it can stop tumors forming by identifying and eliminating cancer cells…see Boost your Immunity

❻ Remove / Avoid parasitic infections
Studies show that cancer patients are much more prone to infections due to cancer or treatment for cancer…see Remove/Avoid parasetic infections

❼ Rebuild your microbiome
The microorganisms that live in our bodies plays a very important role in maintaining our health, including cancer…see Rebuild your microbiome

❽ Remove dangerous toxins
Toxins are everywhere, from personal care products, to the air we breathe and the environment we live in…see Remove dangerous toxins

Ensure treatment is working
There are some laboratory tests (example) that you can use to find out whether or not your current treatment is working effectively…see Ensure treatment is working

Overall Wellbeing
Here you will find some of the treatments and strategies that can contribute to your overall wellbeing…see Overall Wellbeing

There are also many Complementary therapies you can add
Complementary therapies can make primary treatment(s) work better, reduce side-effects and pain, and prolong survivalsee Complementary therapies

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