Psychological and Spiritual Healing

Embrace Emotional and Spiritual Healing

If you create the conditions for health through your diet, emotionally, physically, spiritually, then disease goes away.Alberto Villoldo Ph.D, Psychologist, Anthropologist and Author
  • Release Suppressed Emotions

    Emotion suppression involves intentionally avoiding distressing feelings by thinking of other things. These need to be released…more

  • Increase Positive Emotions

    Studies show a strong link between having a positive outlook and health benefits in people suffering from cancer…more

  • Deepen Spiritual Connection

    Cancer patients report their spirituality is a source of strength and helps them find hope in their cancer experience…more

Inner Life Well-Being

When someone is diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening illness, the focus needs to be not just on their physical state, but on their emotional state as well.  Perhaps even more so. Ideally, they may benefit by asking these questions:          

  • Do you love and value yourself?
  • Are you at peace?…happy?
  • Are there people in your life who matter to you and to whom you matter?
  • Do you feel your life has purpose?
  • What are you passionate about?  
  • What brings you joy?

Each question could be the start of a personal session. Or each question could be a creative writing experience where there is no pre-planning but a steady flow of whatever is coming up.
– Barbara Harris. The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana: A Guide for Patients and Those Who Care For Them.

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