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Reduce cancer side effects and pain

Here are a number of treatments and strategies you can use to reduce cancer side effects and pain

Having Chemotherapy?

Science-backed tips to improve chemo effectiveness, reduce treatment side-effects and prolong survival…more

Having Surgery?

Science-backed tips to reduce complications, reduce side-effects, reduce metastasis and prolong survival…more

Having Radiation therapy?

Science-backed tips to improve its effectiveness, reduce treatment side-effects and prolong Survival…more

Manage your physical pain

Pain is common in cancer patients. It can be caused by cancer treatment or a combination of factors….more

Manage anxiety & stress

Patients living with cancer feel many emotions, including anxiety and distress. This can affect quality of life…more

Complementary therapies

Complementary therapies can make primary treatment(s) work better, reduce side-effects and pain, and prolong survival…more

Therapies to Prolong Survival

All these therapies have been proven in studies involving cancer patients…More

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