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Tests and Treatments

Those suffering from a chronic or terminal disease have the right to be fully informed of all their treatment options…even the unprofitable onesCris Kerr, ‘Case Health – Health Success Stories’


A range of laboratory tests to help you make informed treatment decisions.
Chemosensitivity Tests
Tests to Verify Treatment is Working
Tests to Assess Recurrence Risk
Tests for Early Detection of Cancer


Conventional treatments
The treatments (e.g. chemo, surgery) routinely used by oncologists in mainstream hospitals.
See Conventional Treatments
Alternative treatments
Used in place of Conventional treatments. Only available in private cancer treatment centres. A few can be self-administered at home.
See Alternative Treatments

Complementary Therapies
Therapies that can be used alongside Conventional or Alternative Treatments to reduce treatment side-effects & pain and prolong survival. Includes Emotional and Spiritual Healing.
Visit complementary therapies page

Integrative Treatments
Uses a mix of all treatments listed above. Not available in Ireland but can be accessed in private clinics in Europe and worldwide.
Visit Integrative Treatments page

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