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Chemosensitivity Test (Personalized cytometric profiling)

Chemosensitivity tests to guide your treatment

Chemosensitivity tests reveals which anti-cancer drugs are effective at killing each patient’s cancer cells and which agents are not effective. The most promising drug regimen can be selected for each cancer patient, increasing the odds for treatment success. At the same time, ineffective drugs are avoided.

This spares the patient needless exposure to harmful side effects from drugs that can’t possibly help them. Further, valuable treatment time is not wasted and the patient does not incur unnecessary costs from expensive but ineffective treatments.
Source: Weisenthal Cancer Group

Update: Chemosensitivity Tests can show up drugs designed for a cancer type other than yours that will actually treat you.

Chemosensitivity Tests available from:

R.G.C.C Group
Europe: email:
USA and Canada: email:

Tests your sensitivity to both chemo drugs and natural substances.

Tests your sensitivity to both chemo drugs and natural substances.

Testing on samples from UK and Ireland.
Shipment of samples from these countries is possible by FedEx, DHL-Express or TNT. Usually, the shipment takes 1 day. Cooling is not necessary if samples are delivered during one day. If transit time exceeds one day, we recommend you send samples in a foam box with some cooling bags enclosed.

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Weisenthal Cancer Group
USA: email:

Nagourney Cancer Institute
Nagourney Cancer Institute.

Pierian Biosciences


Asia & Europe
Dr. Martin Burow
Skype: Martin.Burow

Australia and New Zealand
Genostics Australia Pty Ltd


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