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Complementary therapies

What are Complementary therapies for cancer?

Complementary therapies comprise a wide range of techniques, supplements and products that are used in addition to standard and alternative cancer treatments. They are used to reduce treatment side-effects and pain, improve treatment, and prolong survival.

Complementary therapies have shown a number of beneficial effects according to studies such as this Scientific Review.

Here are details of the main groups of Complementary Therapies

Therapies to Prolong Survival

Therapies and products shown in human studies to prolong survival.
Go to Prolong Survival

Therapies to Reduce Side-effects

Ways to reduce treatment side-effects and pain.
Go to Reduce side-effects

Therapies to Boost Immunity

A wide range of ways to strengthen your immunity.
Go to Boost Your Immune System

Therapies to promote Emotional Healing

An essential component of any cancer recovery plan.
Go to Emotional and Spiritual healing

Therapies to address Cancer Stem Cells

Cancer Stem Cells cause most metastases.
Go to Cancer Stem Cells and Senescent Cancer Cells

Therapies using Herbal Remedies

Selective herbs have anti-cancer properties.
Go to Herbs and Herbal Remedies


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