Tests to Verify Treatment is Working

Tests to Verify Treatment is Working


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There are a number of laboratory tests you can use to find out whether or not your treatment if working effectively. Having this information can save you precious time and give you the chance to change to a different treatment if the current one is not working. 


Test is available from:

R.G.C.C Group

R.G.C.C-Europe N&W
Litfield House Medical Centre
1 Litfield Place, Clifton
Bristol, BS8 3LS
United Kingdom
Email: info@rgcc-europe-nw.com
Phone: +44 (0)117 317 1460

USA and Canada
3105 Main Street, Rowlett TX 75088, USA
T.: +1 214 299 9449
F.: +1 214 299 9923, +1 972 463 8243
Email: info@rgccusa.com


Circulating Tumour Cells
CTCs are cancer cells which have broken away from the primary tumor and have entered the blood stream where they circulate and have the potential to generate metastatic disease. These cells can be isolated and identified and there is growing interest in their detection for the following purposes.

1. The early detection and diagnosis of new cancers
2  Monitoring existing cancers
3  Prognosis – providing information about the risk of recurrence of a current or old cancer

Source: R.G.C.C Group

The AMAS Test

Test available from: Oncolabinc


Physicians around the country are recommending and administering the AMAS test on a regular basis for patients at high risk for cancer, and for follow-up purposes on patients already diagnosed and/or treated for cancer.

Article source: Oncolabinc

Note for patients outside the U.S
In an email, Oncolabinc said:
“We will do the AMAS test for European clients, but as stated below, it can be quite difficult. We have a partner in Germany who can run tests for those in Germany and Austria – patients can email us at info@oncolabinc.com requesting that information if they would like.”


The CA Profile Plus©

Test available from:

American Metabolic Laboratories

American Metabolic Laboratories
1818 Sheridan Street, Suite 102

Hollywood, FL 33020, USA


Treatment Monitoring

The Cancer Profile™© gives early warning signs, but it also can be used as a cancer marker test to monitor established, existing cancers. Retesting can demonstrate whether treatment regimens are working, and how they can be adjusted. The tests also are important to establish a benchmark prior to surgery. With a retest later, one can determine the surgery’s success in removing the tumor.

This also is borne out by research. For example, a study in the Journal of Tumor Marker Oncology (Luthgens M., et al., 1992, 7 [3]: 44) reports that men who had had their diseased prostates removed had distinctly lower levels of both PSA and HCG, compared with those patients with tumors remaining. Clearly, lower levels of these markers indicate a procedure’s effectiveness.


HCG Urine Immunoassay

Test available from:

Navarro Medical Clinic


Currently, many cancer patients take advantage of the diagnostic accuracy of the HCG test as an indicator of the effectiveness of their specific mode of therapy. Thousands of cancer survivors have used this test over the years to keep track of their treatment(s) success and check on the status of their remission.

Article source: Navarro Medical Clinic



Test available from
and Genostics


maintrac monitors the response to cancer therapies

Cancer cells can change during the course of disease. Monitoring these cells in their number and structure is important for early tailoring therapy and for selecting the most effective drugs. By determining dynamics in the number of tumor cells, the tumor activity can be monitored.

Benefits for patients:

maintrac helps to find a customized, personalized and effective therapy.

maintrac enables control of success of the applied therapy.

  1. Enumeration of the circulating tumor cells provides us with information whether the cells successfully are reduced by the therapy or increase despite therapy, i.e. the treatment is not effective.
  2. During maintenance therapy, maintrac helps to determine whether therapy is still effective.
  3. The drugs which destroy most of the circulating tumor cells can be tested even before chemotherapy. Thus the most effective therapy can be determined. Even naturopathic therapies can be monitored.

Article source: maintrac (company website)

See also: Current and potential use of MAINTRAC method for cancer diagnosis and prediction of metastasis.

maintrac Representation
Asia & Europe

Dr. Martin Burow
Medical Sales & Marketing for Asia and Europe
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maintrac Representation
Australia and New Zealand

Genostics Australia Pty Ltd
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Clareville NSW
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T +61 1300 282 480
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E drfluhrer@genostics.com.au
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