Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass


Wheatgrass is a food made from the Triticum aestivum plant. It’s regarded as a super potent health food with amazing benefits. It’s usually consumed as a fresh juice, but it also comes in powdered form. Fresh wheatgrass juice is considered to be a living food. It contains a number of vitamins, mineral, amino acids and vital enzymes, these play an important role in the anticancer approach of this herbal product.


The authors of this study said their results demonstrated that wheatgrass-activated immune cells played a central role in building immunityWheatgrass contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, polysaccharides, and large amounts (70%) of chlorophyll. In line with folk sayings, the health benefits of wheatgrass may include improved digestion, blood pressure reduction, heavy metal detoxification from the bloodstream, immune system modulation, and gout alleviation. Several papers have indicated that wheatgrass has anti-tumor activities, anti-oxidant properties, and a therapeutic effect on distal ulcerative colitis…This study is the first to reveal the immunostimulatory component of wheatgrass.

Where can I get this treatment and more information?
Widely available – including Health Food Stores and Online.


1. Some cancer therapies can conflict with others. Do not start ANY therapy without consulting your doctor to ensure it’s safe and beneficial to do so.
2. Just because any given therapy worked for someone else does not necessarily mean it will work for you.
3. Although there are many viable alternative cancer treatments, there isn’t a “best” treatment for a certain type or stage of cancer.


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