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The Beck Protocol

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The Beck Protocol was developed gradually from 1991 to 1997. It is a bioelectric, natural health protocol designed to help the body heal itself. The first step is known as micropulsing, blood electrification or microcurrent therapy. The second step is magnetic pulsing, the third is drinking ionic colloidal silver and the fourth part is drinking ozonated water. The Beck Protocol appears to have a positive effect on the immune system, at a very basic level, to help our bodies with a wide variety of health challenges.

Micropulsing (Blood Electrification)

A simple way to support the body’s electrical systems, gently energizing the blood with microcurrents of electricity. The microcurrents stimulate and encourage the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Micropulsing is the first and principal part of the Beck Protocol.

Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PEMF)

As part two of the Beck Protocol, pulsed magnetic fields complement micropulsing. Pulsed magnetic fields can target specific areas of the body and are able to reach more deeply into the tissues. The healing capabilities of nature and science blend together into a safe and effective health-giving technology called “pulsed magnetic fields.”

Ionic Colloidal Silver

Looking for something with a proven track record of killing germs and promoting healing? The Father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, wrote of using silver for wound care over 2,000 years ago! Part three of the Beck Protocol: Ionic Colloidal Silver.

Ozonated Drinking Water

Part four of the Beck Protocol involves drinking super-oxygenated water saturated with ozone (O3) — revitalizing and rebuilding your body all the way down to the cellular level. What could be simpler than oxygen and water for health?

The Side-Effects

If you follow all of the safety precautions, the only side-effects you will have will be related to the detoxification. The “build-up” is designed specifically to minimize the detoxification side-effects. The descriptions below include a “build-up” for all four of the treatments.

There may be a lot of toxins in your body that need to get out of your body, and no matter what you do they will need to find a way to get out.

Perhaps the most distressful symptom is when a puss oozes out of your body. It can ooze out of your body anywhere. It can happen on the top of the head or the face, or anywhere else. THIS IS A GOOD SIGN!! It is a sign the treatment is working!! These toxins and disabled microbes have to get out of your body, and it is a good thing when they do get out of your body. Let them come out, don’t try to stop them from leaving your body, they need to leave the body!! It is better that the disabled microbes exit your body through your skin than pass through your liver.

There might even be some swelling caused by puss which has not yet found a way out of the body. In most cases, this too is a good sign. However, if it is swelling caused by your diet killing cancer cells (and the immune system attacking the dying cancer cells), then it may not be a good sign.

However, when any serious side-effects are noticed, the treatment should be stopped immediately and started over again from the beginning, using a “smaller and slower buildup” (i.e. the build-up doses should be smaller and the build-up times should be longer). The reason for stopping the treatment and starting over has to do with your key organs, especially your liver and kidney.

Another important issue is the “friendly” bacteria in the digestive tract. These are important for food digestion. It is quite possible the colloidal silver and ozonated water will kill them. Be prepared to add some probiotics, or other digestion products, to your diet to replenish the “friendly” bacteria. …

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