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Are you searching for ways to fully
recover from any stage of cancer?
All the info you need is here.

This is the only Irish website that
provides detailed information
on all proven cancer treatments.

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Complementary and Alternative Treatments

The information on this site comes from top cancer doctors, recovered stage 4 patients, clinical studies, medical journals, researchers, and experts in complementary and alternative cancer treatments.

Whether you opt for standard or alternative treatment it can help you to:

✓ live longer with any cancer
✓ reduce pain and stress/anxiety
✓ prevent a recurrence
✓ increase your treatment options

✓ reduce treatment side effects
✓ heal emotionally and spiritually
✓ make treatment(s) work better
✓ do what it takes to recover fully

complementary cancer treatments

Tests and Treatments

All laboratory tests and cancer treatments (standard, alternative, and complementary) to help you recover fully from cancer…see Tests and Treatments

man in pain

Reduce side-effects

Treatment side-effects and pain are common in cancer patients. There are many therapies and strategies that can help you reduce…see Reduce Side Effects and Pain

Ways to prolong survival

Complementary therapies to prolong your survival. These have been proven effective in studies involving cancer patients….see Ways to Prolong Survival

More ways to heal

Apart from your cancer treatment there are things you can do to greatly increase your chance of a complete recovery from cancer….see More Ways to Heal

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