Discover 100s of proven ways to help you recover from cancer.

Scientific studies have shown that standard cancer treatments such as surgery, chemo and radiation do not extend survival for most cancer patients. All too often, these highly dangerous interventions result in seemingly full recovery followed by relapse.
On this site you’ll find info about the complementary and alternative treatment options available to you. Scientific studies and patient experience have shown that these treatments, as well as the following strategies, can aid recovery from cancer.

Very little of this information is made known to patients by either oncologists or the Irish Cancer Society.

Take Control of Your Health
Studies suggest that people who take control of their physical, mental, and spiritual health tend to live longer.
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Learn all about Your Cancer Type
Info supplied by the US National Cancer Institute. PLUS the latest treatments update to help you survive longer.

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Ask the right questions about your treatment plan
Before agreeing to any treatment plan, it’s important that you research all your options. Here’s a list of vital questions to ask. 

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Talk to a Cancer Coach for Treatment Advice
Get expert advice from an experienced Cancer Coach to increase your chance of returning to full health.

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Consider All Your Treatment Options
Consider all your treatment options including integrative, alternative and complementary therapies. 

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Learn about Treatment

The cancer industry downplays the side effects of treatments which can result in severe organ damage or even death.

Prolong Your Survival Time
Here are 16 scientifically proven ways to prolong survival in cancer patients. Some of these may not be suitable for you.

Metastatic Cancer Cells
Stop your cancer spreading
Around 90% of cancer deaths are as a result of metastasis. Cancer stem cells are suspected to be the cause of metastases. 

Cancer Cachexia
Cachexia affects 50–80 % of advanced cancer patients, with currently no effective treatments. The following may help.
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Prepare for treatment
Cancer ‘prehabilitation’ can reduce complications, improve treatment outcomes, reduce the risk of second primary cancers and more.

Cancer Clinics & Hospitals
Information about some centers around the world where you can get specialised non-standard treatments.
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Chemotherapy Tips
If you decide to opt for chemotherapy, there are a number of things you can do to improve treatment outcomes and reduce treatment side effects. 

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Radically change your diet
Science shows that poor diet causes cancer stem cells to regrow but a good diet can stop that regrowth. 

Immune boosters including sauerkraut and herbs
Boost Your Immune System
When your immune system is functioning properly it can identify and kill cancer cells before they can form tumors. 

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Start Daily Exercise
Daily exercise is of significant benefit to cancer patients. Women with breast cancer who do daily exercise survive 50 per cent longer… 

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Manage Physical Pain
Pain is one of the most common symptoms in cancer patients. Pain can be caused by cancer, treatment for cancer, or a combination of factors.

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Manage Anxiety & Stress
Patients living with cancer feel many different emotions, including anxiety and distress. This can affect the quality of life of patient and their families. 

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Follow Your Intuition
Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. It can save your life if you follow it. 

reasons to live
Have Strong Reasons To Live
Having a strong reason to live – like wanting to see your children grow up – can affect your mental state and survival.. 

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Maintain a Healthy Weight
Research indicates that obesity may worsen several aspects of cancer survivorship, including quality of life, cancer recurrence, and survival. 

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Stay parasite free
Studies show that cancer patients are more prone to infections, as they are more susceptible to opportunistic agents due to cancer treatment. 

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Rebuild Your Microbiome
The human microbiome — the collection of microorganisms that live in our bodies — plays an important role in our health, including cancer. 

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Get Rid Of Toxins
Toxins can cause cancer. They’re everywhere, from consumer and personal care products, to our homes, workplace and even the air we breathe.

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Embrace Social Support
When people with cancer seek and receive help from others, they often find it easier to cope. Help can come from family, friends, support groups etc 

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Release Harmful Emotions
Emotion suppression involves intentionally avoiding distressing feelings by thinking of other things. These emotions need to be released. 

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Increase Positive Emotions
Studies show a strong link between having a positive outlook and health benefits in people suffering from cancer. 

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Deepen Your Spiritual Connection
Cancer patients report their spirituality is a source of strength and helps them find hope in their cancer experience.

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Keep a Health Record
A Personal Health Record contains copies of all your Medical Records compiled and maintained by each of your healthcare providers. 

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Verify Treatment is Working
There are a number of laboratory tests you can use to find out whether or not your treatment if working effectively.

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Cancer Recurrence
Cancer that has come back, usually after a period of time during which the cancer could not be detected. The cancer may come back to the same …
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Cancer Prevention
Whether or not you’ve had cancer before, there are cancer prevention steps you can take to reduce your chances of getting cancer in the future..
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