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How to boost your odds of

Standard treatment alone isn’t enough.

Despite what we’re told, scientific research shows that for most patients, standard cancer treatments alone do not improve survival, but all too often result in short-term remission followed by a deadly recurrence.

Complementary therapies to the rescue.

There’s now a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of Complementary therapies for cancer patients. Evidence clearly shows that they can increase survival, reduce treatment side-effects, reduce your chance of a recurrence…and more. These, along with other proven measures you can take to aid your recovery are all featured on this site.

Where does this info come from?

All the information on this site comes from cancer researchers, medical journals, recovered patients, clinical studies, and experts in the area of oncology.

Boost your odds of survival

Things you can do today to help support a full and lasting recovery.
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side effects

Products and strategies
to help reduce treatment
side effects and pain.
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More treatment options

Alternative or Integrative Treatments. Plus, tests to find your best treatment.
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Heal your
mind and spirit

Emotions can influence our health just as much as our biological makeup.
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