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Dendritic Cell therapy

 Dendritic Cell Therapy is a special type of immune cell that is found in tissues, such as the skin, and boosts immune responses by showing antigens on its surface to other cells of the immune system. A dendritic cell is a type of phagocyte and a type of antigen-presenting cell (APC) – National Cancer Institute

This Review stated:
We conclude that dendritic cell therapy is a safe and well tolerated immunotherapeutic method that can elicit immunity even in patients with advanced-stage cancer. This work also confirms that dendritic cell-based interventions have only some capacity to produce objective tumour responses, as established by classic response assessment criteria such as RECIST. Although not all studies were designed primarily to measure survival, an increasing number indicate that dendritic cell therapy could confer a survival benefit.

This study says:
… we have concluded that patients in the DC-based experimental arm present significantly better OS [Overall survival] …and PFS [Progression Free Survival]… in comparison to patients treated with the current standard of care.

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