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Issels® Immunotherapy

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The Issels Integrative Oncology has two lines of approach, which are of equal importance and complement each other:

  1. Non-toxic therapies specifically directed against the cancer cells and tumors, such as cancer vaccines and cell therapies; personalized standard cancer treatment protocols if needed.
  2. Non-toxic immunobiologic core therapy to alter the tumor microenvironment with its essential role in cancer progression or regression and healing.

Issels® Immunotherapy is highly individualized, specific and non-toxic. It uses cancer vaccine and cell therapies that are cultured from the patient’s own immune cells, in the presence of the patient’s own tumor antigens.

Issels® Immunotherapy does not have any adverse side effects, in contrast to the novel, pharmaceutically produced drugs called immunotherapy as they affect the immune system. These drugs have shown to cause serious, often life-threatening reactions in a variety of patients.

Issels® Immunotherapy for Cancer is a very comprehensive treatment program that is not limited to one single modality such as a vaccine, a drug or another monotherapy. It integrates treatment components that enhance one another in fighting the cancer.

Issels ® Immunotherapy focuses with the same importance on destroying cancer cells and tumors, as well as on altering the body’s internal environment that has been promoting the cancer growth. It is applicable to all cancer types and stages either on its own or in combination with advanced US FDA approved gene-targeted cancer therapies and standard treatments.

Issels® Immunotherapy for Cancer is not a trial. It has a track record of many years of long-term tumor remissions and is administered by doctors with extensive experience in Immuno-Oncology.

Lung Cancer Stage Four 10 Years Cancer-Free Through Non-toxic Issels Integrative Immunotherapy

Recurrent cancer responds to advanced Alternative Cancer Treatment

Source: Reuters
Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related death worldwide, with the highly malignant small cell lung cancer having the worst prognosis. In recent years the surge of immunotherapy has given cancer sufferers new hope.

While several leading cancer centers have only begun introducing immunotherapy, Issels has been a leader in Integrative Immunotherapy for decades.

Issels Integrative Immunotherapy distinguishes itself decisively from mere vaccine administration by integrating specific autologous cancer vaccines, such as Dendritic Cell Vaccine, as well as autologous Lymphokine-Activated Killer (LAK) Cells and activated autologous Natural Killer (NK) Cells, which work on the cellular level of the immune system, into a comprehensive immunobiologic core treatment addressing the tumor microenvironment. The Issels strategy enhances the body’s complex defense mechanisms, potentiating the efficacy of vaccine and cell therapies, as seen in the case of Jim Gibson.

In March 2003, Jim Gibson commenced the non-toxic Issels Integrative Immunotherapy including dendritic cell vaccine for his recurring small cell lung cancer, which is the most lethal kind of all lung cancers. After 4 weeks of exclusive Issels Immunotherapy he achieved complete tumor remission and is still cancer free and very active 10 years later without any standard therapy.

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This study concluded:
The Issels Treatment protocol has shown statistically significant overall improvement in NKC levels following three weeks of intensive treatment which supports the premise that the anti tumor immunotherapy approach is beneficial to overall survival and quality of life.

Case study
The clinical findings of this case report suggest that metastatic melanoma is responsive to the Issels Immunotherapy protocol as evidenced by radiographic and laboratory criteria.
In addition, as a reasonable and feasible alternative/complement to current standard treatment regimens, the Issels protocol also appears to be safe and well-tolerated.

This study says:
These results indicate the possibility, by using the combined general and immunotherapy technique, of producing prolonged remission in a significantly larger number of patients with progressive malignant disease than has so far been the general experience. Most of the survivors are alive and well 15 or more years after therapy.

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