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Tigilanol tiglate: Human oncology

Source: QBiotics Group

Our lead molecule, tigilanol tiglate, is a novel small molecule administered directly into a solid tumour mass. A single intratumoural injection of tigilanol tiglate rapidly destroys injected tumours, with minimal tumour recurrence.

Tigilanol tiglate acts directly via disrupting the tumour blood vessels that supply the tumour, and by directly killing tumour cells through a process called oncosis. Tigilanol tiglate also induces rapid healing of the tumour site. Non-injected tumours may also be targeted by indirect systemic anti-tumour responses (Fig 1).

Strong efficacy signals from a first-in-human, dose-escalation safety trial

A dose-escalation safety Phase 1 trial in 22 patients with a broad range of cutaneous and subcutaneous solid tumours1 showed:

* CR= Complete Response; PR = Partial Response or >30% tumour reduction; SD = Stable Disease Two patients with metastatic melanoma also had distal tumour responses, so-called abscopal or anenestic responses, where their non-injected tumours also responded to tigilanol tiglate treatment.

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Updated 2024

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