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Ozone Therapy

Ozone (O3) is a gas which was discovered in the mid-19th century.
It is denser and more soluble in water than oxygen. Ozone is formed naturally from oxygen through the action of ultraviolet light and electrical discharges as in an electric storm. For medical use, it is produced in generators by passing oxygen through a high voltage gradient, the gas produced being a mixture of oxygen and ozone.


This study says: The results obtained in this study have demonstrated the potentialities of ozone as an antimetastatic agent, as well as an adjuvant for the treatment of cancer patients. Ozone therapy can exert influence in certain points of the complex tumor process. First, it has been demonstrated its effect in the regulation of the oxygen metabolism and oxygenation…Then, improving tumor oxygenation by significantly and constantly increasing oxygen availability and micro-circulation may slow down tumor growth and inhibit metastatization. Second, the slight and transient oxidative stress produced by this therapy stimulates the increase of cellular antioxidant enzymes capable of inhibiting chronic oxidative stress ... In cancer, a persistent oxidative stress has been noted as a factor favoring the progression of invasion and metastasis…

This study found that in patients with delayed healing following tumor surgery, the local application of ozone, in conjunction with other standard treatments, could accelerate the healing process …In vitro and animal studies, as well as isolated clinical reports, suggest the potential role of ozone as an adjuvant during radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. 

Ozone Treatments at Oasis of Hope hospital

The benefits derived from this therapy are staggering. For example, Oasis doctors know that ozonation of the blood improves the exchange of oxygen in the blood, activates the immune system, and increases the efficiency of the antioxidant system. But what is most exciting to us is how these three activities combine to effectively retard or reverse tumor growth.

Over the last seventeen years, doctors at Oasis have advanced the use of ozone therapy, and the results have been extraordinary. Our patients have experienced measurable tumor reduction quickly, sometimes in as little as two weeks for long-term results, we still believe that slower acting metabolic therapy is vital, but it is wonderful to get fast results too. Indeed, ozone provokes a cascade of effects when it is introduced into the bloodstream.
Source: Oasis of Hope hospital

Ozone therapy is available in Ireland at Drummartin Clinic (Dublin) and many clinics worldwide.

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