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Pfeifer Protocol

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Our protocol for hormone refractory prostate cancer can vary depending upon the individual patient’s situation.

Prostate Cancer Protocol Success

Clinical studies are showing this protocol successful in 65% of the patients that Dr. Pfeifer has used it on, even though it has largely been used with patients that have either failed conventional treatments or have been unable to tolerate them. This phytotherapy treatment program has none of the harsh side effects experienced using standard therapies for this disease. The successful results of his trial have been published in the January 2005 edition of Oncology, a Swiss medical journal (www.tellmed.ch). He now lectures around the world educating cancer specialists about his protocol.

This protocol has been reported to produce 50% reduction of PSA by 6 months in up to 70% of such patients treated in Switzerland with minimal side effects (Pfeifer and Aeikens Positive Health 2006, 120:19-25/ www.positivehealth.com).

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Prostate Cancer, Prof Pfeifer’s Protocol

Source: Holistic Medical Clinic
The protocol has been reported to produce a 50% reduction of PSA by 6 months in 70% of patients treated in Switzerland, with minimum side effects. In a trial of 194 patients with prostate cancer 2/3 had a 50% reduction in PSA values, a decrease in tumour volume, decrease in pain, and an improvement in quality of life. A follow up of 1250 patients over 6 years showed a 60% maintained reduction in PSA.The Pfeifer Protocol is used as a complementary treatment along side existing orthodox medical or surgical treatments. It can also be used instead of “watchful waiting” in low Gleason score prostate cancer cases. The Pfeifer protocol is not a cure for prostate cancer, but a way of decreasing the PSA in 50% of cases and hopefully keeping the cancer in check.

The Protocol consists of four different products:

PROSTASOL a herbal food supplement containing herbs such as saw palmetto, pygeum, reish, ginger, nettle, skullcap, beta sisterol, camposterol, stimgasteraol, brassicasterol,quercetin, and others. Prostasol has an anti inflammatory, antioxidant and apoptotic effects on prostate cancer cells.

BIOBRAN is derived from rice bran and shitake mushrooms. It is a powerful immune stimulator and increases natural killer cells (NK cells) as well as T and B cells. The Biobran increases macrophage activity leading to an increase in TNF alpha and IL 6, this therefore increases the immune system.

CURCUMIN COMPLEX contains the potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant curcumin found in the spice tumeric, plus resveratrol.

IMUPROS is a blend of nutritional supplements with vitamins, trace elements, ginseng, lycopene and green tea extract together with selenium, vitamin C, D and E.

Pfeifer Prostate Protocol

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Pfeifer’s Protocol is a therapy of natural health supplements which include herbs, glyco-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These come in the commercial form of: Immupros – Vitamins C, E and D3, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium, Ginseng, Lycopene and green tea. These replenish the body s depleted vitamins and minerals, aiding with prostate function and health.

Curcumin Complex contains turmeric which is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound, resveratol, a plant compound derived from red grapes and black pepper to aids with absorption. Prostasol, a herbal food preparation containing saw palmetto, pygeum, reish, beta sisterol, ginger, nettles, skullcap and other compounds. This blend of herb has an action that replicates that of many synthetic drugs, inhibiting the growth of tumour cells. Biobran is a natural food preparation derived from pre-digested rice bran which have been exposed to Shiitake mushroom enzymes.

This powerful immune booster stimulates the activity of T and B cells, particularly the NK (natural killer) cells which form our first line of immune defence. Sometimes Dr. Pfeifer adds TMAZ zeolite, a powdered mineral supplement that boosts immune function, to assist patients that are not responding well to his therapy.

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