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Source: Asai Germanium Japan
Asaigermanium which is world’s first organic germanium, was produced by Dr. Asai Kazuhiko in 1967 in Japan. With 57 years of research, it is the water-soluble organic-germanium compound that has been confirmed to be safe and useful in Japan. Various actions have been reported so far, including enhancement and regulation of immune function.

Pain and Asaigermanium

Asaigermanium has been shown to have an analgesic effect to reduce “painfulness” in basic and clinical trials. As one of the mechanisms, it has been shown that pain may be suppressed through activation of the opioid analgesic system produced in the body. On the other hand, it is also known that Asaigermanium does not have side effects such as clouding of consciousness, dependence and constipation like seen in morphine, a narcotic analgesic.
The research on “pain” and “Asaigermanium” is still ongoing.

Activation of innate immunity (NK cells):

Experiment Asaigermanium activates NK cells: NK cells are an abbreviation for “natural killer cells” and literally means “born killer.” When they recognize invading pathogens or abnormal cells, they start attacking quickly.
Test: Nine healthy people were divided into three groups of three, and each subject intook 25, 50, and 100 mg / kg of Asaigermanium, and the NK cell activity of peripheral blood lymphocytes was measured.
Result: All groups showed that NK cell activity increased one day after ingestion of Asaigermanium, and that activity was maintained for four days thereafter.

Source: Townsend Letter

by Professor Serge Jurasunas

During my 50 years of practice, I have used many natural compounds that I investigated especially for treating cancer and other degenerative diseases. I recall organic germanium sesquioxide from the Japanese researcher K. Asai as one of the most interesting, effective, and fascinating experiences in my professional life.

I was an early adopter in the use of organic germanium or Geoxy 132 in my clinic.

It was first synthesized and manufactured by K. Asai and his team in 1967, at the Asai Germanium Institute. I discovered organic germanium had amazing curative powers. Basically, germanium is an organic, semi-metal semi-conductor with electrical properties found in the coal mines; but Asai also discovered its curative properties. By 1980, little by little many more positive reports came from the Asai Germanium Institute and other laboratories. The power of germanium is based on the fact that it increases oxygen in the body by expelling accumulated hydrogen as well as heavy metals. 

My First Cancer Patient Treated with Organic Germanium

The patient was diagnosed with a tumor of the hypophysis and lost 90% of his vision from the left eye. On the way to surgery, he decided to first try something natural first. I started with 300 mg of germanium per day; and after two months, he recovered 100% of the vision. After three months, the tumor was gone. This really showed me how germanium is powerful even on a solid tumor. The patient had no surgery and no chemotherapy. I have a similar case with a large tumor that was eliminated without surgery.

Serge Jurasunas is an internationally well-known doctor of naturopathic medicine and professor of naturopathic oncology with 50 years of clinical experience in the treatment of cancer. He is a pioneer in developing innovative therapies in cancer treatment and an expert in live blood analysis, oxidative dried blood testing, and iridology.  He is the author of seven books, including the new Health and Disease Begin in the Colon. Serge Jurasunas has now become an expert in molecular markers testing related to cancer disease and follow-up treatment. He is an internationally recognized lecturer and frequent contributor to the Townsend Letter.

For more information please visit www.sergejurasunas.com

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