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In addition to your main cancer treatment, there are other treatments and strategies – “adjunct” or supportive cancer care – that can have a powerful impact on your quality of life, survival and experience during cancer treatment. Most of the following Cancer Survival Tips have been shown to extend survival in patient studies. The remainder were either proven beneficial in studies, or recommended by cancer experts or recovered patients.

If each thing you did added 3% or 5% to your survival it could make a big difference if you built a whole programme containing these various elements!”

Chris Woollams. Founder of canceractive.com – the UKs no.1 cancer charity

Take control of your recovery

Studies suggest that people who take control of their physical, mental, and spiritual health tend to live longer. See Take control of your recovery

Get a second opinion

Get a second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan – especially if cancer was detected during routine screening. See Get a second opinion

Talk to a cancer coach

A Cancer Coach can advise about your proposed treatment plan and ways to increase your chance of returning to full health. See Talk to a cancer coach

Check all your treatments options

Check out all your treatment options. Learn about Integrative (Standard + Complementary combined) and Alternative treatments. See Cancer Treatment Options

Having chemo? Request a Sensitivity Test

If you’re having chemo this test will shows which drug or natural substance will work best for your cancer. See Request a Chemosensitivity Test

Ask the right questions about your Treatment Plan

When discussing any proposed treatment plan with your oncology team it is vital that you ask the right questions. See Ask the right questions

Learn all you can about your cancer type

Info about your type of cancer (from the National Cancer Institute), along with treatment updates that may aid your recovery. See Learn about your cancer type

Radically change your Diet – all cancers

Studies have shown that this extends survival in cancer patients.
Cancer Stem Cells are the only cells that can give rise to new tumors. There is no known way of eliminating them. This is why cancers usually recur (come back).

However, Dr Young S. Kim, a scientist at the National Cancer Institute in the US showed that poor diet causes cancer stem cells to regrow while a good diet could stop that regrowth.

This American Cancer Society study found that Colorectal cancer patients who improve their diet and lifestyle survive longer with a 42% reduced risk of death than those who do not make the changes.

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Start Daily Physical Exercise (if possible) – all cancers

Studies have shown that this extends survival in cancer patients.
This systematic review of a number of studies involving 68,000 cancer patients found that superior levels of exercise following a cancer diagnosis were associated with a
28%–44% reduced risk of cancer-specific mortality,
21%–35% lower risk of cancer recurrence,
25%–48% decreased risk of all-cause mortality.

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Heal your gut all cancers

Studies have shown that this extends survival in cancer patients.
All illness starts in the gut
Your body holds a finely balanced group of bacteria called a Microbiome. Your microbiome has 90 trillion bacteria to your 7 trillion cells; and it has 75,000 genes to your 25,000. It makes three times the number of proteins, enzymes and messages than you do. Its micro-RNA can trump your micro-RNA. Research is consistent: The Human Microbiome Project (40 Medical Schools, 200 scientists, 3 years, $178 million) concluded, they get ill first, then you get ill. And you can’t get fully better, until they get better.

This 2020 Review article says: …there is evidence that the gut microbiome plays an important role in breast cancer survival

See full protocol to Heal your gut

Identify and remove your cancer‘s fuel – all cancers

Studies have shown that this extends survival in cancer patients.
Diet and Lifestyle are among the causes of up to 90 percent of cancers, according to this paper published in the prestigious journal Nature. Other things that can fuel cancer include glucose, environmental toxins, toxic relationships, psychological stress, grief or distress, and Geopathic Stress under your home.
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Start Juicing

Why? Green Juicing floods your cells with nutrition almost instantly and is a vital part of the recovery process as well as stopping cancer production in your body. See Green Juicing and Blending

Detox your body

Two proven methods of detoxification include Strenuous Exercise and Safe removal of root canals and amalgams. The latter is crucial if you have cancer.
See Detox your body

Ensure Your Blood Oxygen Saturation level is >98%

Why? Oxygen-Starved Tumor Cells Have Survival Advantage That Promotes Cancer Spread. See Blood Oxygen Saturation

Stay Hydrated 

Cancer patients are at high risk for dehydration from both the disease and the treatment, according to this study The American Oncology Institute warns that if a cancer patient becomes dehydrated during their treatment, side effects may become even more severe.

Increase positive emotions – all cancers

Studies have shown that this extends survival in cancer patients.
Several studies have shown that a positive attitude or emotional state can boost your chances of surviving cancer. In one study, among patients with metastatic cancers, those who expressed greater hope at the time of their diagnosis survived longer.
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Release suppressed emotions – all cancers

Studies have shown that this extends survival in cancer patients.
This study looked at breast cancer survival and found that expression of emotion was related to better survival, and suppression of emotion was associated with worse survival. 
This 2022 study involving 155 female breast cancer patients found a link between earlier trauma and breast cancer. It found that patients’ repression of negative emotions could contribute to the development of a more aggressive Breast Cancer type.
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Deepen your spiritual connection – all cancers

Studies have shown that this extends survival in cancer patients.
Research shows that in cancer care, being spiritual can have a powerful positive effect on your outcome.
The authors of this study of 2,638 patients treated at 37 palliative care units said their findings suggest the possibility of a positive relationship between spiritual care and survival time in patients with far advanced cancer.
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Get lots of sunshine / boost your vitamin D – all cancers

Studies have shown that this extends survival in cancer patients.
Vitamin D is crucial to the working of your immune system – study. Your Vitamin D levels need to be up to around 50nmol/L (125 ng/ml).

research article which analyzed a number of studies, found:
There is support in the medical literature to suggest that the 17% increase in breast cancer incidence during the 1991-1992 year may be the result of the past decade of pervasive anti-sun advisories from respected authorities, coinciding with effective sunscreen availability; and
Trends in the epidemiological literature suggest that approximately 30,000 U.S. cancer deaths yearly would be averted by the widespread public adoption of regular, moderate sunning.
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Boost your Immunity – most cancer types

Studies have shown that this extends survival in cancer patients.
The results of this 2019 study showed that in the majority of human cancers, higher immune response was significantly associated with better Overall Survival, Progression Free Interval, or both, which was in agreement with previous reports that pre-existing immunity is probably necessary for most treatment response. The study also demonstrated that in some cancer types higher immune response is significantly associated with worse outcome.
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