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Compile a Personal Health Record

A Personal Health Record contains copies of all your Medical Records compiled and maintained by each of your healthcare providers (your family doctor, local ER etc). Your Personal Health Record is compiled and maintained by you and can be used to share information about your health with other healthcare professionals or family members.

Maintaining an up-to-date and easily accessible Personal Health Record enables you to play a more active role in your healthcare.

Reasons to keep a personal medical record

Personal Health Record could include:

As x-rays can cause cancer, keeping a copy of these images is critical in preventing you having to undergo further x-rays in the event that the originals go missing in the hospital.

*In Ireland, physical therapists have no training in medical oncology, whereas Physiotherapists do.

Personal Health Record saves woman’s life

A woman arrived at an emergency room in Wisconsin complaining of chest discomfort, and soon slipped into a coma. The woman was a single mother with no family members nearby

Thanks to the detailed accounts of her health she had posted to her Facebook, and her son’s mention of the account, doctors were able to tap into a wealth of vital knowledge on her health. She had posted her medications, symptoms, hospitalizations and conditions for months. She had dates, times and descriptions of how she felt and what was occurring with her body. As the article points out, this personal chronicle of her health was far more complete than her medical records (wherever they were) could have possibly been. She made a full recovery.

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