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Salicinium Therapy 

Source: Reno Integrative Medical Center
Salicinium is a natural plant based extract, a complexed sugar molecule that is harmless to normal cells in the body because they cannot absorb a “complex glycome”.  Because this extract is a complexed molecule and not a “free” glucose, it has no impact on the patients’ blood sugar.

The composite Salicinium molecule will only affect anaerobic (cancer) cells destroying the enzymatic “cloak” which allows them to hide from the immune system.

Circulating tumor cells are at the forefront of an ongoing or escalading malignant process.  Salicinium affects these cells first, therefore, contributing to halting the spread of malignancy.

This treatment is used by Reno Integrative Medical Center as well as other cancer clinics.

Salicinium® Treats and Prevents Cancer and Viral Infections

Source: Article by Jeffrey J. King, BS, MS, JD, published in Townsend Letter

This article describes a long-term, multi-site study demonstrating potent anti-cancer and antiviral effects of glyco-benzaldehydes and related compounds developed under the tradename Salicinium®. Results from 675 cancer patients show that Salicinium effectively treats many different types of cancer, significantly extending survival for all groups studied (including a majority of patients with treatment-resistant Stage IV cancer). 

[Salicinium is a Registered US Trademark of Cognate 3, Inc. of Bellevue, Washington.
 Jeffrey J. King is a technical consultant to Cognate 3, Inc.]

Salicinium: An Excellent Addition to My Armamentarium for Cancer Patients

In this article published in Townsend Letter, Dr Carol M. Brown, DO, PhD, FAARFM, states:

Patients typically begin to feel better by the second week of infusions, and many are able to continue working as the daily infusions require less than 2 hours of the patient’s time. Orasal (oral Salicinium) is continued afterward until testing indicates adequate improvement. We follow progress with monthly nagalase testing, and periodic routine lab tests, including testing for any positive CA markers and for immune status. RGCC testing is performed every 3 to 6 months and imaging as necessary.

Virginia Von Shaefer, MD – New Perspective on Salicinium for Integrative Cancer Treatment

Source: Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine
Salicinium is one therapy to consider as it can be given IV now. Salicinium only targets abnormal cells. It clips off the glucose molecule on the benzaldehyde ring so the glycolysis is stopped leading to starvation of the cell. It needs to be used with other immune support.

When using salicinium do not add other antioxidants meaning avoid all oxidative therapies. Therapies that are compatible include Glutathione, Meyers, HBOT, EDTA, IPT, and ERT. Salicinium is synergistic with mistletoe, hyperthermia, sound therapy, and gallium maltolate.

Be aware that salicinium can make the tumor get larger before getting smaller. For preoperative therapy use salicinium and mistletoe IV. Do not use if there is an oral issue that an increase in the cell size would close the airway. Also if there is cancer in the liver by the ducts, the patient would need to be stented first. Meningeal metastases can expand and cause optic nerve damage. Pancreatic tumor may expand and cause duct obstruction.

Bottom line is to work with a practitioner who is experienced with salicinium.

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