Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

Deepen Your Spiritual Connection


Spirituality is a personal search for meaning and purpose in life, which may or may not be related to religion. It entails connection to self-chosen and or religious beliefs, values, and practices that give meaning to life, thereby inspiring and motivating individuals to achieve their optimal being. This connection brings faith, hope, peace, and empowerment. The results are joy, forgiveness of oneself and others, awareness and acceptance of hardship and mortality, a heightened sense of physical and emotional well-being, and the ability to transcend beyond the infirmities of existence (study).

This study says:
Studies have indicated a significant relationship between spirituality and quality of life. Having a strong sense of spirituality helps patients adjust to and cope with illness.

Cancer patients report their spirituality helps them find hope, gratitude, and positivity in their cancer experience, and that their spirituality is a source of strength that helps them cope, find meaning in their lives, and make sense of the cancer experience as they recover from treatment. Spiritual well-being has been associated with lower levels of distress and greater quality of life across life expectancy prognoses. Spirituality can therefore be a resource of strength for patients.

This study concluded: Results of the current meta-analysis suggest that greater Religion/Spirituality is associated with better patient-reported physical health.

This study says Spiritual issues play a prominent role for patients with cancer. Studies have demonstrated a positive connection between a patient’s spirituality and health outcomes, including quality of life, depression and anxiety, hopefulness, and the ability to cope with illness.

Finding Comfort in Spirituality
Source: National Comprehensive Cancer Network

Spiritual practices that may help you cope with your cancer and its treatments include:

  • Praying alone or with someone else
  • Having someone else pray for you
  • Meditation
  • Meditative breathing
  • Reading scripture or other holy works
  • Saying one passage from your religious tradition over and over again like a mantra
  • Using the language of your religion, such as Hebrew, Arabic, or Latin, in your prayers
  • Listening to classical or spiritual music
  • Yoga
  • Talking about spiritual matters with another

During times of pain and discomfort, during treatments, or when you feel alone, these and other practices can help take you mentally to another place where you feel whole, connected, and at peace.

Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds
Kelly Turner, PhD, a researcher who specializes in integrative oncology, studied one hundred cancer survivors and analysed over one thousand cases of people who experienced a “radical remission” from “incurable” cancer. She found that these people did not sit around waiting for a miracle, but made significant changes in their lives. Dr Kelley found nine healing factors common among all of the cases she studied. These nine key factors are:

  1. Radically changing your diet
  2. Taking control of your health
  3. Following your intuition
  4. Using herbs and supplements
  5. Releasing suppressed emotions
  6. Increasing positive emotions
  7. Embracing social support
  8. Deepening your spiritual connection
  9. Having strong reasons for living

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