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Detox your body

The human body is the only machine for which there are no spare parts

Hermann M Biggs


Detoxification is a very important step in dealing with cancer. Nowadays, every person has a body overloaded with toxins. While the body is well equipped to eliminate toxins, it can become over-burdened if we don’t give it the right nutrients or adequate daily movement. Two proven methods of detoxification include Strenuous Exercise and Safe removal of root canals and amalgams. The latter is crucial if you have cancer.

Strenuous exercise

This study says: Sweating offers potential and deserves consideration, to assist with removal of toxic elements from the body. Arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury may be excreted in appreciable quantities through the skin, and rates of excretion were reported to match or even exceed urinary excretion in a 24-hour period. 

This study says: Current studies have indicated that physical exercise can enhance the removal of trace elements from the human body…In this study, we drew the conclusions from previous studies to further investigate the ability of sweat and urine to excrete heavy metals from the human body during physical exercise. The test results indicated that sweat has a higher capacity than urine in removing these five heavy metals (Chromium, Copper, Zinc, Cadmium, and Lead) from the human body after strenuous exercise. The results not only showed that physical exercise has a significant effect on the balance of trace elements but also indicated that perspiration during physical exercise can effectively remove the toxic heavy metals from the body and reduce the accumulation of trace heavy metals in the body.

A 2011 study says:
This study was designed to assess the concentration of various toxic elements in three body fluids: blood, urine and sweat. Blood, urine, and sweat were collected from 20 individuals (10 healthy participants and 10 participants with various health problems) and analyzed for approximately 120 various compounds, including toxic elements. Toxic elements were found to differing degrees in each of blood, urine, and sweat. Serum levels for most metals and metalloids were comparable with those found in other studies in the scientific literature. Many toxic elements appeared to be preferentially excreted through sweat. Presumably stored in tissues, some toxic elements readily identified in the perspiration of some participants were not found in their serum. Induced sweating appears to be a potential method for elimination of many toxic elements from the human body.

Dental toxins: Root Canal treatment

There are four major causes of dental toxins that can directly affect your health:

Dr. Josef M. Issels, MD, a German doctor, became internationally known for his remarkable rate of complete long-term remissions of “incurable cancers” in patients who had exhausted all standard treatments, such as advanced cancers of the breast, uterus, prostate, colon, liver, lung, brain, sarcomas, lymphomas, and leukemias.

After completion of Dr. Issels’ treatment, these patients remained cancer free for up to 45 years, leading normal healthy lives. Dr. Issels found that in his 40 years of treating terminal cancer patients, 97% of his cancer patients had root canals.

Bill Henderson
The late Bill Henderson (cancer coach) claimed that in his experience with patients with cancer, dental toxins were almost always a direct cause of the cancer. Those patients who deal with this issue competently get over the cancer much more frequently than those who don’t.

The Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland
The Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland has treated patients with cancer since 1957. In 2004, the clinic’s Director, Dr. Thomas Rau, feeling that most patients with breast cancer they were treating had root canal teeth, decided to do a study.

He reviewed the records of the last 150 of their patients with breast cancer. He found that 147 of them (98%) had one or more root canal-filled teeth on the same meridian as their original breast cancer tumor. He believes there is no doubt that this was the primary cause of their cancers. The other three had cavitation problems.

Note: Root canals should be removed only by a holistic dentist.
More information and list of holistic dentists at International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine

How to detox for breast cancer, fast

Judy Seeger, ND wants to show you how to get started on detoxing those breast cancer cells fast! PLUS I share a new project with you that can get you on track and keep you on track.

Did you know that between 1999 to 2006 breast cancer rates decreased!
Personally, I believe that women were using LESS HRT – hormonal replacement therapy because they got scared. Some of you will remember the WHI study (Womens Health Initiative) that followed over 161,000 women over 10 years to see the effect of synthetic hormonal replacement therapy on those who had a uterus and those who did not. The results?
A horrible experiment gone wrong!

Women started dying after 5 years! They stopped the study and also found that HRT also INCREASED:
– the risk of heart attack
– the risk of stroke
– the risk of blood clots
– the risk of breast cancer
Wow! Who wants to be on HRT? Any takers?

Detox Method #1
Ok, so common sense tells us that if breast cancer DECREASED when women were getting off the HRT, then to detox more of those chemicals makes sense, right?

The WORSE toxins are those you put on your body. These include:
• shampoo, conditioner, body soap
• hair gel, spray
• underarm deodorant
• cosmetics
• body lotion

Go to your bathroom with a garbage bag and remove all those immediately. This stuff is pure poison folks! I had one client who constantly got rashes and we quickly figured out that the shampoo was causing it. Poison is poison – it can cause rashes and if you have enough poison over many years, deadly diseases like cancer are the result!

Switch to all natural products – go on a shopping spree to your local health food store to get products that are safe for you! As long as you’re on a roll, go through the rest of your house and eliminate the air fresheners to household cleaners. Make a clean sweep!

Detox Method #2
Eat fruits high in ellagic acid – raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, pomegranate. Studies have now shown that ellagic acid is able to cause apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells. You see, cancer cells are cells gone wild. They keep replicating themselves instead of dying like they’re supposed to. Yeah, death to cancer cells! Other studies have shown the possibility that ellagic acid keeps the cancer cells from binding to DNA which keeps it from spreading.

Detox Method #3
Clean your lymph nodes! Did you know your lymphatic system protects your body from excess poison? Your lymph fluids can ONLY MOVE when YOU move! In other words, your circulatory system has your heart to keep those blood cells pumping. But your lymph nodes don’t use the heart to pump those fluids along instead they use your muscles! THIS is why exercise is VITAL when you have breast cancer!

Here’s a secret tip: Exercising just once a day is NOT enough. You see, your lymphs are pumping all day long doing their job, so they need you to exercise 2-3 times a day in short bursts. 20 minutes, 3 times a day is better than one full hour.

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