Black Salve

Black salve is a compound derived from various inert ingredients, but it can be transformed into a corrosive ointment by the addition of bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) or zinc chloride. Some alternative practitioners have extremely strong views on its efficacy.
There are serious warnings about how and where you should use it.


This 2017 study says: Black salve is not a natural therapy. It contains significant concentrations of synthetic chemicals. Black salve does not appear to possess tumour specificity with in vitro and in vivo evidence indicating normal cell toxicity. Black salve does appear to cure some skin cancers, although the cure rate for this therapy is currently unknown. The use of black salve should be restricted to clinical research in low risk malignancies located at low risk sites until a better understanding of its efficacy and toxicity is developed.

The following study cautions against the use of this treatment

A review of topical corrosive black salve. Risks One risk that accompanies self-treating with corrosive black salve is the patient’s belief that clinical resolution of the lesion equates to histopathologic clearance of the lesion, which it does not.

Because of the escharotic character of black salve, this treatment may destroy both cancerous skin and healthy skin to a degree that eradicates the local cancer.

However, without proper evaluation, which includes a conclusive biopsy, there can be no guarantee that all the cancer cells have been completely eliminated. If residual cancer cells are present after treatment, the cancer will recur; the lesion may then require excision or the cancer may metastasize to other sites in the body.

In addition, if suspicious lesions are not biopsied to rule out cancer, the corrosive salve may cause unnecessary skin damage in the case of a benign mole or lesion. Self-treatment with corrosive black salve may also result in a substantial delay in definitive diagnosis and surgical treatment of melanoma, which increases the risk of metastasis or deeper penetration of the lesion.


Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (Breast Cancer)


Dr Veronique Desaulniers

“Externally, I applied a paste called “Black Salve” to the lump in my breast.

The salve contains the herb blood root, which causes apoptosis or death to cancer cells only. Miraculously, this salve does not harm healthy tissue but only attacks the cancer cells.

This procedure creates an “eschar” or scab, which is eventually expelled along with the tumor. I must say that I was not fully prepared with what was about to happen to my body. I was told by the manufacturer of this salve to apply a small pea size amount to the tumor every 24 hours.

Within 12 hours I felt a burning, stinging sensation. When I removed the bandage, I could see a yellow spot developing. Every day that spot kept getting bigger and it looked like, ( and felt like), something was eating a hole in my breast.

There was inflammation and swelling and intense pain in the breast. I kept taking pictures because I was in awe of what my body was doing and secondly, I knew that this was a healing story that had to be told.

The wound kept spreading and in 3 weeks it was the size of a large golf ball. The “tumor” began to separate around the edges. Within 4 weeks this piece of dead tissue separated and fell out of my breast.

It was shocking to say the least. I had this big hole in my breast, and unfortunately I could still see some black unhealthy tissue. The salve, which I discovered later, was an inferior quality and had not successfully removed all of the unhealthy tissue. After being in excruciating pain for 4 weeks,

I decided to let the wound close up and heal and monitor my health with Thermography and other diagnostic tests. I kept working on my healing internally and hoped that this would be enough to turn my health around. After 2 years, in 2006, it became obvious that the tumor was once again growing and had large vascular tentacles feeding it.

It was time to reapply the salve. By then, I had done my research and found a reputable company that had success with thousands of cancer patients. I had tested and used their products for over a year, before I decided to embark on my second journey with the Black Salve.

This time around, the tumor was larger but seemed more superficial. I cannot begin to describe the burning and seething pain, even with the use of prescribed pain pills. Imagine what it would feel like if you had an open wound and you applied salt and vinegar to it……that is very similar to the 24 hour pain

I experienced with the application of the salve. This is one of the reasons why I never recommend the salve as a first line of defense…it is only used as a last resort… The fantastic news is that after 4 weeks, my body released the unhealthy tissue and there was clean healthy tissue underneath the wound. Hallelujah! I was so thankful for the miracle that had taken place in my body”.

Where can I get this treatment and more information?

This product is available online – Be careful what you buy.

Cancer Compass Introduction To Cancer Salves eBook

Caution: If you are going to use black salve I would suggest that you do so under the guidance of a qualified, experienced medical practitioner / herbalist / naturopath.

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