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Alternative cancer treatments are used in place of Conventional treatments such as chemo and radiation. Most alternative treatments are only available in private cancer treatment centres but a few can be self-administered at home.

About Alternative Cancer Treatments?

Available at The Burzynski Clinic
Antineoplastons are naturally occurring peptides demonstrating ability to re-program cancer cells without destroying normal cells. Their anti-cancer properties were discovered by Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. in 1967.
Established in 1977, the Burzynski Clinic has grown to be a nationally and internationally recognized cancer center that provides cutting-edge cancer treatments.
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Budwig Protocol
Available at the Budwig Center
The Budwig Center is known worldwide for using and employing the most effective therapies to tackle cancer and other illnesses.
The Budwig protocol addresses: sunshine; gut health and “good” bacteria; acid-alkali balance; superfoods; ketogenic diet; exercise and sleep; the importance of the spiritual and emotional side of healing.
For those who cannot travel to our clinic in Spain, we offer a “HomeCare Distance” program starting as low as €950.
Learn more about the Budwig Protocol

Gerson Therapy
Available at Gerson Health Centre, Europe (Hungary)
Health Institute de Tijuana (Mexico)
Also: Web-Based Case Management is an option for eligible cases that may not be able to travel to a licensed Gerson clinic or that may be currently undergoing conventional treatments.

With its whole-body approach to healing, the Gerson Therapy™ naturally reactivates your body’s magnificent ability to heal itself – with no damaging side effects. This is a powerful, natural treatment that boosts the body’s own immune system to heal cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and allergies. Dr. Max Gerson initially developed the Gerson Therapy™ in the 1930s as a treatment for his own debilitating migraines, and since has expanded to treat many degenerative diseases.
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Gonzalez Protocol
Available from Gonzalez Certified Doctors in the following regionsUnited States, Mexico (Cancun), Jamaica, Europe, U.K. and Turkey. After you successfully complete the application process, you will be given access to the Directory of Doctors where YOU can SELECT a doctor.

The Gonzalez Protocol combines personalised diets, nutritional supplements, coffee enemas, and pancreatic enzymes in a cancer management program. Results from a pilot study published in 1999 described the most positive data in the medical literature for pancreatic cancer.
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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound 
Available from The Focal Therapy Clinic (UK),
HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Center,
and Focused Ultrasound Foundation
HIFU Focal Therapy is an effective, non-invasive set of treatments for men with early-stage localised prostate cancer. In clinics, HIFU has been applied to treat a variety of solid malignant tumors in a well-defined volume, including the pancreas, liver, prostate, breast, uterine fibroids, and soft-tissue sarcomas. In comparison to conventional tumor/cancer treatment modalities, such as open surgery, radio- and chemo-therapy, HIFU has the advantages of non-invasion, non-ionization, and fewer complications after treatment. Over 100,000 cases have been treated throughout the world with great success. Focused ultrasound treatments can be performed on an outpatient basis, require no incisions, and can result in minimal discomfort and few complications, allowing for rapid recovery. Over 100,000 cases have been treated throughout the world with great success. More about HIFU

Hoxsey Diet therapy
Available at Bio Medical Center
Founded in 1963 by Mildred Nelson, Bio Medical Center treats thousands of patients every year, helping them find alternatives to chemotherapy and other alternative cancer treatments. The Hoxsey Therapy was developed by Harry Hoxsey in the early 1900s. The Hoxsey Therapy began with an elixir composed of a variety of supplements and herbs and an herb-based topical paste that was administered at Hoxsey clinics throughout the U.S. Later, dietary guidelines were added to enhance the herbal treatment’s effectiveness because Hoxsey realized that adding cancer-fighting foods such as whole fruits, vegetables and grains would strengthen the body’s immune system and promote healing. The therapy is still administered today at the Bio-Medical Center in Mexico. Learn more about Hoxsey Diet Therapy

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) 
Available in a number of cancer clinics worldwide, including
Hyperthermia Centre Hannover (Germany)
Center for Advanced Medicine (Germany)
Forsythe Cancer Care Center (USA)
Oasis of Hope (Mexico)
Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy (IPT), also known as low dose chemotherapy, is one of the safest and most innovative approaches to treating cancer. It is a kinder, gentler way to fight cancer effectively, including particularly aggressive cancers such as lung cancer and colon cancer, but is also effective on a wide variety of cancer types. IPT is an alternative cancer treatment that has almost none of the side effects such as nausea, radical hair loss, liver damage, and DNA distortion that we see routinely with standard chemotherapy.
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Laetrile (aka Amigdalin or vitamin B17)
Available as an infusion therapy at Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover
and and a number of other cancer clinics.
Laetrile is the patented drug made from the natural compound amygdalin, found in the seeds of apricot stones, but B17 is also present in stones from peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums or apples and is also present in buckwheat, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower or cashew nuts.

From a chemical point of view, B17 consists of one molecule benzaldehyde (which is a painkiller) and one molecule hydrogen cyanide (cyanhydric acid). The characteristics of B17 lead to the conclusion that B17 can be seen as nutrition for healthy cells and a poison for cancer cells. As the therapy is adopted to the natural regulation of our metabolism, it can be seen as a “natural chemo therapy”.
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Mistletoe (Standard cancer treatment in some countries)
Available in a number of clinics in the Uk and throughout Europe.
Mistletoe is one of the most widely studied complementary and alternative medicine therapies in people with cancer. In certain European countries, preparations made from European mistletoe are among the most prescribed drugs for patients with cancer.
One study concluded Iscador treatment can achieve a clinically relevant prolongation of survival time of cancer patients and appears to stimulate self-regulation. More about Mistletoe

Oncolytic Virotherapy
Available at International Virotherapy Center and
The Hyperthermia Centre Hannover
Treatment using an oncolytic virus (a virus that infects and breaks down cancer cells but not normal cells ). Oncolytic virotherapy may make it easier to kill tumor cells with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. RIGVIR®  is the world’s first approved oncolytic virotherapy medicine for the treatment of melanoma, local therapy of skin and subcutaneous metastases of melanoma, prevention of relapse and metastases after surgery. In clinical practice RIGVIR® is used for the treatment of melanoma, cancers of stomach, colorectum, pancreas, kidney, uterus, bladder, lung, prostate and several types of sarcoma. RIGVIR® is administered intramuscularly according to personalized treatment protocols. Virotherapy is usually ambulatory and has mild if any side effects. More about Oncolytic Virotherapy

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy
Available at Hope4Cancer Institute, Mexico
This therapy uses non-toxic sensitizers that selectively concentrate in cancer cells, and can be activated using predetermined sound (Sono-Dynamic Therapy) and light (Photo-Dynamic Therapy) frequencies. Introduced in 2004 (and with more than 2000 patients treated), Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy has stood the test of time as a safe, non-toxic treatment approach for a variety of cancers.
More about Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Targeting Cancer’s Metabolic Pathways.
Available at Care Oncology Clinic (UK)
and Care Oncology Clinic (USA).
Cancer cells need large amount of energy to survive and grow. They commonly use an adaptive process called aerobic glycolysis (the ‘Warburg effect’) to generate the excessive energy they need . The COC Protocol targets various molecular processes involved in and surrounding aerobic glycolysis and cancer metabolism, aiming to restrict cancer cell energy supply and use, while simultaneously preventing the cells from adapting and using other pathways to take up energy.

Cannabis Oil (aka Rick Simpson Oil)
Not available to purchase. Beware any false claims. The only way to acquire it is to make it yourself – and cannabis is illegal in many countries.
RSO is a concentrated form of cannabis oil known to have medical benefits, particularly for cancer. RSO differs from a lot of other cannabis oils because it contains higher levels of THC. Other therapeutic cannabis oils tend to contain a cannabinoid called cannabidiol (CBD) and little or no THC. More about Cannabinoids (and Rick Simpson Oil).

Jane McLelland Off Label Drugs for Cancer 
Jane McLelland was first diagnosed with cervical cancer and then  developed leukemia after chemotherapy treatment and was deemed Stage 4, Grade 4 in 1999. She beat her cancer by using a mixture of diet, exercise, supplements, herbs and off-label drugs to block the metabolic pathways that fuelled her cancer. Many others are now following her example. The protocols she used can be found in her book…
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Joe Tippens Protocol 
US businessman Joe Tippens was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2016. He was told he had less than 1% chance of survival and about 3 months to live. He put together a cocktail of Fenbendazole, vitamins and CBD oil. The Protocol saved his life and now thousands of cancer patients are following his example.
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If you have no other options

Black salve
Black salve is a compound derived from various inert ingredients, but it can be transformed into a corrosive ointment by the addition of bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) or zinc chloride. Some alternative practitioners have extremely strong views on its efficacy.
More about Black Salve

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Ensure your treatment is working
There are some laboratory tests (example) that you can use to find out whether or not your current treatment is working effectively…see Ensure treatment is working

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