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Cancer treatments

There are many cancer treatment options out there but your oncologist will only offer you Conventional treatments like chemo etc at your local hospital or treatment centre.

Scientific research shows that for most patients, these treatments alone do not result in long-term survival. All too often patients get short-term remission followed by a deadly recurrence.

The purpose of this site is to inform you of all your treatment options. With this information you can build a much more comprehensive and powerful treatment plan that will give you a much better chance of achieving a full and lasting recovery.


Remember, the question is not “How do I get rid of cancer” but rather “How do I stop making cancer”

DR. THOMAS LODI Integrative Oncology

Conventional treatments

The treatments (e.g. chemo, surgery) routinely used by oncologists in mainstream hospitals.
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Alternative treatments

Used in place of Conventional treatments. Only available in private cancer treatment centres. A few can be self-administered at home.
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Complementary Therapies

Therapies that can be used alongside Conventional or Alternative Treatments to reduce treatment side-effects & pain and prolong survival. Includes Emotional and Spiritual Healing.
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Integrative Treatments

Uses a mix of all treatments listed above. Not available in Ireland but can be accessed in private clinics in Europe and worldwide.
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Prescriptions and Medicines online

Dixon Chemist in the UK
Will supply Low Dose Naltrexone and other cancer medicines as well as providing consultations and prescriptions.

Buying from suppliers that do not post to Ireland

You can have some items sent to An Post postal addresses in the UK and in the US. They are then forwarded on to your address in Ireland.

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Practitioners in Ireland offering supportive therapies to cancer patients

Drummartin Clinic
3 Drummartin Road,
Goatstown, Dublin 14
D14 K0T9

Website: Drummartin Clinic
Email: reception@drummartinclinic.ie
Landline: +353 1 296 5993

From Dr Magovern:
Dr Patrick Magovern, Drummartin Clinic, Dublin 14 is happy to work in parallel with your standard oncology treatment but would like your treating oncologist to be aware. There is some good anecdotal evidence that ozone therapy can reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy while also enhancing outcome.  

Dr Magovern also investigates total-body toxic burden including biotoxins, chemical toxins/pesticides and heavy metals and is of the opinion that treating these is likely to help overall survival.  Dr Magovern stresses that he is not an oncologist.

Drummartin clinic also provides IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback treatment to help with the psychoneuroimmunology aspects of cancer treatment.

Richard Rocker Clinic for Functional Health
Unit 8, Westgate Business Park,
Ennis, Co Clare V95 FY71
Website: rockerclinic.com
Email: richard@rockerclinic.com
Phone: +353 (0) 86 177 4873
Skype: richard.rocker

From Rocker Clinic website:
Rocker Healthcare Lifestyle Programmes focus on diet, exercise, and mindfulness stress reduction in order to treat, manage and prevent disease.

Our Lifestyle Healthcare Programmes aim to improve overall health and quality of life through the use of integrated treatments designed to help you manage any new or existing health problems.

Natural Health Practitioners
List of Natural Health Practitioners (Ireland, UK, Europe)

Functional Medicine Nutritionists
Dublin Centre for Functional Medicine

Irish Society of Homeopaths
Find a Homeopath in Ireland

Irish Register of Chinese Medical Herbalism
Find a Chinese Medical Herbalist

If you provide a health service aimed at helping cancer patients and would like to be included here (no cost) please contact tommy@cancerireland.ie

Those suffering from a chronic or terminal disease have the right to be fully informed of all their treatment options…even the unprofitable onesCris Kerr, ‘Case Health – Health Success Stories’

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